'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: A Heartless Murder and Katherine's Cruel Plan B
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: A Heartless Murder and Katherine's Cruel Plan B
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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I was prepared for this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries to be merely a set-up for next week's big masquerade ball. While that was true, there was still room for some major excitement and jaw-dropping shocks.

One major character was killed, another one was severely injured and Katherine's Plan B was revealed to be very, very deadly to someone else.

How Could Mason Be So Heartless?

With an assist from Bonnie, Damon kidnapped Mason Lockwood, found the moonstone and then killed Mason by ripping out his heart. The big question remains: Is this the major death that's been leaked? Based on what else happened this week, I'm guessing Mason's death is just the beginning.

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We also got to see Jeremy step up and become a part of the group, Caroline making the ultimate sacrifice by compelling her mother to forget and a very scary snake in a well that will give me nightmares forever. Like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.

Katherine's Plan B

When Damon taunts Katherine by revealing that he killed Mason and has the moonstone, Plan B went into effect. There are two very simple parts to her plan, but they both come with huge costs.

Part 1: Break Up Stefan and Elena for Real

Katherine reveals that she's been secretly compelling Aunt Jenna as a second spy (meaning Caroline was just a brilliant decoy) and she forces Jenna to stab herself in front of Elena and Ric. Jenna survives, but the damage is done. Realizing that pretending to break up with Stefan won't work, Elena dumps him for good.

Part 2: Get a New Werewolf

For some reason, Katherine really needs a werewolf. I'm guessing that the moonstone does a lot more than just break the curse. With Mason dead we get to see what probably happened with Mason when he killed a guy. Katherine compels Matt into agreeing to get into a fight with Mason and keep going until Mason kills him, turning himself into a werewolf.

Here's my only problem with this plan. It's obvious that The Vampire Diaries is trying to get us to think that Matt is going to die. The problem is that, if he does, it would be too easy and convenient. Now I'm thinking that Matt is the red herring, as was Jenna when she got stabbed, so someone else is going to die. I am getting this awful feeling that it could be Jeremy.

Whatever happens, next week is sure to be a big episode for Katherine's plan. Will Tyler kill Matt? Will Damon and Stefan kill Katherine? And how long will it be before Elena and Stefan are back together?

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