'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Feed on the Monsters
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Feed on the Monsters
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie's back and dealing with the consequences of her return. Jesse turns to Caroline for help. Damon interrogates Dr. Maxfield and makes an unexpected discovery. Elena and Caroline throw their first college bash. Katherine and Stefan reconnect.

Maxfield's Monster

Dr. Maxfield continues to perform experiments on Jesse who is now a full-fledged vampire. Why it took 14 days as opposed to the usual 24 hours or so is not yet clear. Like every scientific experiment, there can be unforeseen variables, and in this case, Jesse escapes his shackles after the contents of a meal make him especially aggressive and strong. I'm guessing Maxfield tampered with this blood in some way. Caught unprepared, Maxfield falls prey to Jesse's hunger.

Party People

The gang's all back together. Even though classes have been in session for weeks, Bonnie is attending Whitmore and rooming with best buddies Caroline and Elena. She's also sporting a very cute haircut. Just the pick me up a girl needs after being dead for months.

With Silas and Tessa out of the picture, and Bonnie back amongst the living (kind of), Elena and Caroline have decided to throw their first college bash. The guest list is iffy, given neither really have any friends. I'm certain the promise of free booze will draw a respectable crowd. Elena's tactic of compelling guests (Aaron) also works.

Travelers and Passengers

Stefan's still reliving his death on a continuing reel thanks to Tessa. Stefan having a nervous breakdown is much less entertaining than "Ripper" Stefan.

Katherine's not having an easy time of it either but has decided to drown her sorrows. Bartender Matt is distracted watching the video of himself that reveals he's got company in very close quarters, his body. He gets Katherine to translate and the news isn't good. She tells him Nadia's boyfriend, Gregor, has activated him. Katherine explains that Gregor is a traveler, a faction of witches who are big on spirit possession. She equivocates it to a human parasite. After Matt's description of the girl he and Rebekah met in Prague, Katherine puts the pieces of the puzzle together and figures out Nadia is involved.

The Return of a Friend

After possibly killing his professor, a frantic Jesse calls Caroline and tells him he needs to see her, fast. It seems his roommate is due home at any minute, and Jesse hasn't learned the art of self control. In one of innumerable twists, said roommate just happens to be Aaron. Just when it looks like his time as a recurring character is up, Caroline barges into the room and pulls Jesse off of Aaron.

Caroline and Elena find out that Maxfield has been holding Jesse prisoner, starving him and then injecting him with "weird" blood. Jesse didn't kill Dr. Maxfield but rather locked him in his lab.

After the girls give him a much need blood bag and tell him how awesome it is to be a vampire, they turn their attention to an unconscious Aaron. As Elena readies to heal him, Caroline suggests they let Jesse do it. Obviously, she's giving him the hard sell on the upsides to vamp life given his rocky start. But, that's just the beginning. It looks like in addition to all of his regular classes, Jesse's getting a crash course on Vampirism 101.

Psyche 101

The Mystic Grill has a gloomy clientele these days. Stefan shows up and is melancholy enough to even confide in his rapidly aging, incredibly intoxicated ex. He tells her he thought killing Silas would allow him to move on with his life, but he was wrong. Convinced Stefan is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Katherine encourages him a way to occupy his mind. She offers to give his life a purpose. Their conversation is interrupted by Nadia, who Katherine obviously called on Matt's behalf. Katherine introduces Stefan to her daughter.

Too Much, Too Soon?

Even though newbie vamps tend to be a handful, nothing is standing in the way of Elena and Caroline's party. Jesse, who would have eaten his own roommate if it weren't for Caroline's interference, is mingling with Bonnie as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Caroline is teaching him the art of vampire hunger with grain alcohol.


Elena sends Damon to question Dr. Maxfield. He injects the evil doctor with a flesh-eating virus and promises to heal him with his blood as long as Maxfield tells Damon what he wants to know. Maxfield says he was trying to turn Jesse into a new kind of vampire. He tells Damon that "his kind" is dangerous because humans are his food source. Dr. Maxfield wants to change that. If vampires don't need to feed on people, they're no longer a threat. Damon says he's not buying the good doctor bit.

Human blood is only a short-term fix to satisfy Jesse's hunger. Maxfield says eventually he'll need what he really craves.

Last Stop

In the stockroom of the Grill, Nadia calls forth Matt's "passenger." Katherine questions why he's come to Mystic Falls, and he responds to track and kill Silas. Boy, Nadia sure hasn't been keeping her boy toy in the loop. Katherine shows Gregor the knife that Matt has had in his possession, and that little maneuver provokes a response. He confesses that after Silas was dead he was supposed to kill Katherine.

Nadia, who ditched Gregor without a second thought, is actually insulted to have been used to track her down. Gregor doesn't know why the travelers want Katherine dead because he doesn't question orders. Kitty Kat isn't pleased with her daughter's taste in men, so she stabs Matt to expel Gregor. She says the reason he wanted the knife is because it's the only thing that will kill a passenger. How does Katherine have all this insight? Because her father was a traveler.

An Unforeseen Complication

Elena, boyfriendless and fancy free, has time to bond with Aaron. He shows up at the party with no memory of that afternoon's events, big surprise. After plying him with a Jello shot, Aaron remarks on understanding why Dr. Maxfield warned him to steer clear of her. Elena questions his connection to the doctor, and Aaron explains he is his guardian. Aaron's parents were killed in a freak bear attack during a family camping trip, but viewers and Elena know that it was really vampires. He says he bounced around among family members until Maxfield took him in. He says Wes (Dr. Maxfield) is the closest thing to family he has left. This prompts Elena to excuse herself, so she can make sure Damon doesn't kill Maxfield.

PTSD Strikes Again

After all the excitement at the Grill, Stefan is hit with another episode. He makes his way into the back alley with Katherine in tow. She tries to talk him down, but he grabs her by the neck. Now, Kitty Kat isn't immortal anymore, so Stefan's Kung Fu grip does pose a threat. Despite this, Katherine talks him down off the ledge.

Hunger Pains

Elena finds out from Damon that Jesse's preferred diet is other vampires. Elena asks Damon not to kill Wes, and he says he won't. History has proven that Damon is not always a man of his word, and he's especially annoyed by Maxfield's hijinks. But, Elena's influence wins out, and Damon decides to cure Wes from the multiple deadly illnesses he's injected him with.

A complication arises, when Jesse storms into the lab demanding to know what Dr. Maxfield has done to him. Jesse makes a beeline for Damon, and even though Damon should be stronger, Jesse's obviously been modified to be stronger as well. I guess it wouldn't make sense to create a newbie that could get his a** handed to him on a regular basis.

Jesse starts to feed, but Elena shows up to save the day. Elena has no choice but to stake him, and Caroline appears in time to watch her latest love interest die. Caroline questions Elena's motives, and she explains that Jesse was going to kill Damon. Caroline, who's not a fan of Elena's boyfriend, doesn't find that to be a feasible excuse. She reminds Elena they had promised Jesse they would help him. Caroline says the Elena she used to know would have given Jesse a chance.

Crossing Over

What good is coming back from the dead if you can't get down and dirty with your boyfriend? Just as things finally start to get carnal between Bonnie and Jeremy, Jesse shows up on his way to the other side. Jeremy witnesses Bonnie's pain, and she has no choice but to tell him what her penance is for cheating death.

Caroline and Elena's friendship is strained, but perhaps Damon's abduction by Dr. Maxfield and his inevitable return to the clutches of the Augustine Society's members will bring them back together.

Things may be bleak at Whitmore, but Katherine's dilemma could be just the distraction that Stefan needs. Maybe there's something to this doppelganger nonsense after all.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 pm on the CW.

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