'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Bonnie's Secret is Finally Revealed
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Bonnie's Secret is Finally Revealed
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Stefan struggles to figure out his identity while Damon, Elena and Caroline fear his homicidal tendencies will resurface. Caroline grows closer to Jesse. Jeremy confides in Damon about Bonnie. Matt tries to piece together the odd happenings occurring in his life.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Stefan?

It turns out you can't be linked via mind meld with the world's oldest immortal and not suffer a few side effects. As we found out last week, Stefan has amnesia. Damon has taken it upon himself to try and bring Stefan up to date on the last 150 plus years of his life. Thank goodness Stefan took the time, even during his "Ripper" phase to jot down a few things in those diaries.

Caroline might be the better choice given she's been at Whitmore actually studying. Type A Caroline has accepted that her hopes for a slacker freshman year are just not meant to be. She's been boning up, with the help of study buddy Jesse, on her molecular biology hoping to get closer to coroner/doctor/professor Maxfield. The mystery surrounding Megan's death is still afoot.

Controlling the Ripper

The residents of Mystic Falls are celebrating a morbid town tradition known as Remembrance Day. Four years and a lot of deaths and this is the first we've heard of this bell-ringing hootenanny to honor the dead. Stefan does get aroused by a waitress at the Grill and has to be reigned in by Damon. He tells Stefan he doesn't know how to drink from humans with moderation. Stefan argues that his Ripper persona could be the result of the traumatic memories of killing his own father and forcing his brother to turn. No memories, no problem with self-control. Damon doesn't want to test this hypothesis.

Rest in Peace Already

Bonnie's back. It seems strange, being on the other side and all, that she couldn't see this whole Qetsiyah thing coming. It's becoming more difficult for Jeremy to cover for her with Stefan's condition. Everybody wants to see if their go-to witch can help restore his memories. Bonnie says there's nothing she can do for him anyway, but he says they don't know that. The whole gang is counting on her help because that's what she does, help. Bonnie reminds Jeremy of his pledge to support her decision to keep her non-living status a secret.

He's Not Alone

Matt is trying to solve the mystery of his blackouts, and he's off to a pretty good start. He confides in Jeremy what's been going on and tells him he thinks it has something to do with why Silas couldn't mind control him. He says Silas saw something or someone in his head, placed there courtesy of Nadia. He's set up cameras all over the Lockwood place to help fill in the blanks. Matt asks Jeremy if he's spoken with Bonnie because she may be the only one who might know what's going on. Jeremy provides a lame cover story, but Matt's a bit edgy. He's tried to reach his high school chum hundreds of times, and he's only heard from her twice. Matt asks Jeremy if he's done something to tick her off, and Jeremy does an effective job of being obtuse. Time is running out for Bonnie's secret. Matt is desperate and not going to let this go.

Memory Lane

Since nobody knows if Stefan's homicidal side is the result of nature or nurture, Damon and Elena decide to keep him somewhat secluded from the townsfolk. When Damon receives an urgent text from Jeremy, Stefan and Elena are left to get reacquainted. Elena even reenacts that fateful day when she bumped into him coming out of the men's room on the first day of school four seasons ago. Even though neither Damon nor Elena have delved into Stefan's love affair with the doppelganger, he's bright enough to figure out they were a couple. Like there's not enough going on, it's tedious to relive every moment of the Stefan and Elena saga again.

My Tutor

Caroline brings Jesse home for the day, and he continues to help her study, so she can impress the professor and get in his class. He suspects she invited him as a way to make her boyfriend jealous, but she tells him she thinks he's smart and nice, and she wanted to hang out with him. He plants a kiss on her that doesn't go unreciprocated by Caroline but doesn't progress into anything steamy either. He tells her he's been wanting to kiss her since the day he met her. Mere mortals don't fare too well on TVD, so unless he's supernatural, his days are probably numbered. Not only that, but where does he stand when it comes to vamps and other things that go bump in the night? Is he pro-supernatural or con?

Against Bonnie's wishes, Jeremy finds the most roundabout way to tell Damon Bonnie is dead. Damon gets irrationally angry at the messenger knowing how badly Elena is going to take this latest bit of news. Perhaps realizing the weight Jeremy has been carrying and how hard it must be for him to tell, Damon hugs Jeremy.

Emotional Eating

Elena takes Stefan to the infamous bridge that was fated to change her life, twice. She tells him he was a perfect boyfriend. He admits the time that they're spending together is helping with sublimating his cravings and urge to feed. He says whatever monster he was capable of being, he can see why he's different around her. After giving him all the go signals, she stops him in his tracks just as they're about to kiss. Elena announces that she and Damon are a couple, something neither had bothered to mention earlier. Stefan doesn't take this bit of news well and disappears. Presumably, to grab a bite.

Dark Passenger

Matt wakes up with a cut on his hand. He reviews the video footage and receives a message from his "passenger." He tells Matt that one day his friends will come looking for the knife that I'm guessing is the one Nadia stabbed him with. Or, it could just belong to the male traveler, and Nadia made sure it made it into Matt's possession. The gypsy tells Matt to protect it at all costs, or he'll die.

Old Friends, New Memories

Stefan runs into Caroline, who he recognizes from photos. Stefan is drunk and "heavily spiraling into Ripper oblivion." Jesse arrives with drinks, and Stefan tells him he senses a paper cut and is considering ripping his arm off. Caroline compels Jesse to run and hide. Caroline tells him she's sympathetic to his hunger, but he doesn't do people. He asks if she has any blood bags (perfect diversionary tactic) and as soon as she heads to the car to retrieve some, Stefan disappears again. He attacks a confused Jesse in a crypt in the middle of the woods.

Stefan stops long enough to give a soliloquy about why there's no reason for him to show compassion or control. He's pissed about having a scrambled brain, and he's bitter about Damon and Elena's relationship on principle. He starts to finish Jesse off but is saved from himself by Caroline. He heads back to the old boarding house, where he's reunited with Damon and Elena. He tells them he doesn't want to be the person in his journals, or live in his house, or to take his brother's advice or hear about what a supportive boyfriend he used to be. Stefan promises to not go on any Ripper binges and says Caroline will be looking out for him.

Stefan's latest outburst puts Bonnie in the front of Elena's mind. Damon has to break the news to her that her best friend is dead. News spreads because Caroline knows by the next morning and tells Stefan, who is surprisingly contrite when he could be completely insensitive. Caroline says without Tyler and Bonnie all she has is sadness and anger, but Stefan offers himself as a shoulder to cry on.He senses she's been a good friend to him in the past. Could this be the beginning of a romance? Let's face facts, from what we know of Jesse so far, he's not going to survive much longer as Caroline's love interest.

R.I.P. for Now

Bonnie gives her friends the benefit of her wisdom at her own memorial, and even though she didn't want to be outed, she's content. She's convinced they are all going to be okay. Some might argue this group is as far from okay as one can get.

The Evil Doctor

No big surprise about Jesse. Like I said, mortals don't last long. But, does the show really need another villain right now? It's busting at the seams as it is.

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