'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Obstacle Standing Between Two Fates
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Obstacle Standing Between Two Fates
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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The identity of Stefan's rescuer is revealed, and this person's motives are anything but unselfish. Nadia's agenda remains a mystery. Someone sheds some light on Silas' past. Damon hears some discouraging news about his relationship with Elena.

Three's a Crowd

Katherine and Elena share more in common than their looks. They both have a dream about their ex Stefan and his possible location, that sends them, along with Damon, on a road trip to find the recently freed vamp from his watery tomb. Why Katherine is back in the Salvatore house is a mystery in itself, since Silas wanders in and out of there at his leisure. Neither the Three's Company living arrangements, or Katherine's mortality have done anything to lessen the ladies' hatred for one another. And, anyone who made the mistake of thinking a human Katherine would be kinder and gentler, is learning it's just not her nature.

Gruesome Twosome

Nadia and Silas are trying to work out the kinks of their relationship as a diabolical twosome. Even though Nadia stabbed her companion in the neck, and Silas buried him, the world's oldest immortal remains paranoid regarding Nadia's intentions. He can read her mind, so if she was up to something shady, one would think it would be next to impossible to hide. Silas orders her to find out if Matt is still alive. I could have sworn Silas already learned that Matt's ring afforded him some protection. The fight with Jeremy and being shot by Katherine must have prevented him from obtaining proof to back up his suspicions.

Nadia, who is at the Mystic Grill, already knows the answer to Silas' inquiry. She questions if killing him is a good idea since he might have information concerning Katherine's whereabouts. Silas tells her to get any info she can, steal the Gilbert ring, and kill Matt.

A Common Enemy

Stefan has the seemingly good fortune of having three lovely brunettes looking out for him. He goes from almost being incinerated by the sunrise to a cabin with his rescuer. It turns out she (Janina Gavankar) had the former owner of the property pull the safe from the quarry, and Stefan repaid him by going all Ripper on him. That's two mysteries solved - now we know who the poor dead guy in the safe was. Girlfriend has done her homework because she knows that Stefan is a vampire doppelganger with a conscious. She questions how much he knows about Silas, which isn't much. It's hard to stay up on current events when perpetually drowning at the bottom of a quarry.

Even though Stefan didn't flip the switch, his three month long timeout has made him thirsty for blood, Silas' in particular. Ready to exact vengeance, Stefan is sidelined by the loss of his daylight ring. So, he's treated to a tale (I loathe flashbacks) of how Silas used to be a simple boy in love with a simple girl. Two thousand years ago, the two were, gasp, gypsies who wanted their love to last forever. We think we know how this all turns out, as does Stefan, thanks to the backstory provided last season by Professor Shane. According to Silas' ex, there is more to the story. Silas convinced Qetsiyah he loved her, so she would create the immortality spell. When she found out she was being used, she dumped him in a tomb with the cure hoping he would take it and wind up trapped in a supernatural limbo she had created. Actually, this sounds pretty on target with last season's information.

She says Silas' goal is to destroy death's waiting room, take the cure and die in peace. Stephan says if she's Silas' true love, why doesn't she run off into the sunset with him? Major shocker, she's Qetsiyah, the vengeful witch we've heard so much about. Great twist, did not see that one coming. Like all break ups, there's two sides to every story, and it appears Qetsiyah is not happy with her bad reputation, "A raging bitch witch whose obsession with vengeance created a whole new dimension of suffering in the afterlife." Well, after being dead for 2,000 years, she's back, and she wants Stefan. This is a lot to process in the first 10 minutes.

Room for Rent

Nadia makes contact with Matt, who is just slightly curious about what she and her pal did to him and what she wants from him. Nadia tells him that she's in Mystic Falls to protect him from Silas. No sooner does she finish telling him that he needs to trust her, does she call forth the spirit of the man she supposedly murdered who has taken up residence in Matt's body. His name is Gregor, and he's not thrilled with her either. She swears she had no choice; it was the only way to could start to gain Silas' trust. Nadia swears she'll find a way to make Matt's body a permanent home as opposed to a rental. He wants to know where his body is buried. If I were him, I wouldn't complain. Matt is a definite upgrade. Nadia agrees but says he'll have to call Elena to find out where Katherine is first.

A Second Chance

Qetsiyah, who gives herself the nickname "Tessa" tells Stefan that when Bonnie lowered the veil, she saw an opportunity to become mortal and decided to take it. After all, her vampire hunters have failed to kill Silas. Never send five men to do a woman's job.

Stefan comments that 2,000 years is a long time to hold a grudge, and she continues to fill him in on the love story from hell. Silas left this bridezilla waiting at the alter. She tracked him down in the woods where he had already taken the immortality elixir with another, Tessa's handmaiden. It turns out, the other woman looks just like Elena/Katherine. So, it turns out this whole doppelganger mess is the result of Tessa's spell, nature's way of keeping things balanced.

Bar Fight

Katherine, Elena and Damon arrive at the bar. Damon questions the bartender who corroborates everything Elena and Katherine saw in their dream. With one exception, she tells them that she saw a woman save a burning Stefan, and the two took off in a local's pick up truck.

Nadia makes her entrance, and even though Katherine tries to throw Elena under the bus, she tells her doppelganger to run and charges Nadia. Nadia puts Elena down like a dog, and takes off. Even though Elena got her butt handed to her, she insists on taking off after Nadia. Damon goes to find Stefan.

Fatal Attraction

Given that Tessa gave Silas' one true love the cure and then ripped her heart of her chest, she might feel some closure. But, she sat patiently waiting for Silas to take the cure only to find out that he was stuck for all eternity with his whacko ex. She didn't count on him being so stubborn.

The more time they spend together, the more Tessa unravels. She said she was making him a daylight ring, but Stefan figures out she's lying. She admits she wouldn't give him the one thing he needs to escape. He tries to convince her that they want the same thing, but she makes it clear she has "trust issues."

Damon finds the cabin and his brother strapped to a chair. Qetsiyah explains she's doing a spell to link Stefan and Silas, and it will neutralize Silas' mental powers. She says once he's weakened, she'll force him to take the cure. Damon tells Qetsiyah the cure has already been ingested, which comes as no surprise to her. She actually planted the dream that Katherine and Elena shared surmising they would all go looking for him together. Tessa asks where Katherine is, and Damon explains they ran into some trouble along the way. While Damon wants to escape with his brother, they have little choice but to let Tessa proceed with her plan.

The Fugitive

Katherine is apprehended by Nadia. They run into Silas, but Nadia says she isn't ready to turn Katherine over just yet. Just as Silas is about to use his mind tricks to get Nadia to kill herself, Tessa's spell brings her ex to his knees.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Tessa tells Damon that versions of Stefan and Elena have been finding each other and falling in lover over and over again throughout the centuries. She tells him destiny has been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever. Damon tells Tessa to dial down the destiny talk, but she warns him the universe is working against him. She tells him as long as Stefan is in the way, he will never be with Elena. She offers to keep Stefan off the grid, but Damon takes the high road. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, Elena rushes into the cabin, completely ignores her boyfriend bestowing all her attention on Stefan.

It looks like the race for the cure isn't over. If Qetsiyah created the original cure, what is stopping her from doing it again, and does Nadia plan to use Katherine to revive her ex. And, Damon swears that Elena is his life, despite whatever plans the universe has in mind. Did Tessa fry Stefan for good, or is his amnesia temporary?

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