'The Vampire Diaries': Preview of Episode 18 'Under Control'
'The Vampire Diaries': Preview of Episode 18 'Under Control'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Aren't you just dying to meet John Gilbert? Well, tonight's the night we finally set our sights on Elena's uncle on The Vampire Diaries and his sudden arrival in Mystic Falls certainly raises a few questions, at least for Elena, Jeremy and Damon.

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In the episode "Under Control," John deals with matters pertaining to Elena and Jeremy's father's doctor office, which they plan to sell. However, having John sign the escrow papers might be easier said than done because it looks like he's not yet ready to give up the property. This prompts Damon to find out John's real motives and his investigation takes an unexpected turn.

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Meanwhile, all the drama tonight seems to take place at yet another Founder's event. At the party, Stefan shows his different side while Matt and Tyler create chaos by having a tiff.

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More confrontation takes place as Alaric talks to Elena about Isobel, and an inconsolable Jeremy takes matters into his own hands after asking Elena if she's hiding something.

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