The Vampire Diaries: Preview of Episode 15 'A Few Good Men'
The Vampire Diaries: Preview of Episode 15 'A Few Good Men'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The Vampire Diaries is officially back with answers and tons of new mysteries, proving that this series is well worth the long wait. Hopefully, tonight's episode entitled "A Few Good Men" will shed light on the repercussions of the events that transpired in "Fool Me Once," including the aftermath of Grams' death, the aftermath of opening the tomb and the aftermath of Damon's discovery that Katherine wasn't in the tomb and no longer cared about him.

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But while all those cliffhangers are getting resolved, we're also treated with new storylines that will help The Vampire Diaries move forward to a new direction. And part of that progress is Matt's long-lost mother Kelly, (Melinda Clarke, The O.C), who suddenly arrives in Mystic Falls much to the surprise of Matt and Caroline.

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There's also that much-talked about fund-raising bachelor auction which features Damon as one of the bachelors. Could this be Damon's way of dealing with his heartbreak, besides booze?

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Last but certainly not the least, we finally learn about the mysterious Alaric, who discovers shocking secrets from his own past. It also helps that Sheriff Forbes is doing a background check on the history teacher as a favor to Damon, who's starting to suspect something strange about Alaric. At the same time, Elena is doing a little research of her own regarding her birth mother.

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