'The Vampire Diaries' News: What's Coming to Mystic Falls?
'The Vampire Diaries' News: What's Coming to Mystic Falls?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Sure, we've had our episode for the week, but that doesn't mean we can't have more of The Vampire Diaries to take us into the weekend. Keep reading for news on returning characters, new arrivals, and that moment between Klaus and Caroline.

For those mourning the extended (for, like, two episodes now!) absence of Katherine from The Vampire Diaries, take heart: she will be back soon. Possibly very soon. EW.com spoke to Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec who explained: "She's gone underground, and so it will be a surprise when we see Katherine again. As Katherine tends to do, she'll pop up sometime and throw everyone for a loop."

Not that a visit from Katherine could ever be anything but a surprise... Still it would be nice to have her back.

Who else might be back soon?

The Return of Rebekah
Klaus' oft-daggered sister will not, of course, remain that way forever. When will she be back?

Quite possibly, Rebekah's return to the land of the living (of the undead?) will coincide with the un-daggering of the final two Originals: Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (Caspar Zafer). As for when this will be, no specific date has been leaked, although Julie Plec told TVLine that the awakenings "will happen sooner than later."

That event will spell big, big trouble for Klaus. Rebekah, for one, will be a wee bit angry after her temporary death. What with Elena's literal and figurative backstabbing, plus the revelation that Klaus killed their mother, it's safe to say that Rebekah is going to wake up pissed: "She's just mad, period," Plec told TVLine.

Klaus and Caroline?
Was "Our Town" the episode that launched a thousand 'shippers? Who knew Caroline and Klaus would have such romantic potential? Will that potential translate into yet another romance for Caroline on The Vampire Diaries?

Nope. Not now, anyway.

Julie Plec burst that 'shipping bubble in an interview with E! Online, saying "there's nothing to talk about" for that pairing. "It's not something we'll play right away or ever," Plec added. "But they had a connection that did not go unnoticed by him -- at least in his mind. Not necessarily in hers."

At least we can take comfort in the fact that no romance, no matter how far-fetched, is impossible on The Vampire Diaries.

A New Gilbert
Now that Jeremy has run away to Colorado, will Elena be the only living representative of the Gilbert family in Mystic Falls?

Not for long: a new Gilbert will be arriving soon.

The new member of Elena's family will be a cousin (of some sort), Samantha. Like so many arrivals in Mystic Falls, Samantha's friendly and kind demeanor might just hide a bit of devilry. Sounds like she'll fit right in...

The Devil We Don't Know
According to a report from TVLine, episode 16 of The Vampire Diaries season 3 will feature a new character -- a mysterious and sexy young woman by the name of Sage. The part will be played by Cassidy Freeman (who played Tess Mercer on Smallville) and is described as "sexy and fearless, with a devilish smile."

Don't look for Sage in modern-day Mystic Falls though -- she will appear in flashbacks to 1912, when she got attention both from the Salvatores and from the Originals.

Although it does not seem to have been decided yet, the role of Sage could recur. Does that mean that Sage is a vampire? Probably. Anyone who attracted the notice of so many vampires couldn't stay human long.

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Should Klaus and Caroline get together? What will the new Originals be like? Can Mystic Falls handle another round of Katherine madness? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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