'The Vampire Diaries': Looking Forward to Season 3
'The Vampire Diaries': Looking Forward to Season 3
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Vampire Diaries season 2 finale was a brilliant conclusion to a great season, with some fantastic set-ups for season 3. Stefan turned evil and agreed to work with Klaus, Damon and Elena grew closer and, most importantly, Jeremy came back from the dead and started seeing his dead ex-girlfriends, Anna and Vicki.

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What will season 3 have in store? TVLine has a great interview with executive producer Julie Plec which sheds some light on what they're calling the "Season of the Originals."


While Plec was evasive on the exact nature of Jeremy's new condition, I'm going to assume that he now sees dead people like Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. What is certain is that Jeremy will finally become a real part of the action in season 3 instead of a bystander now that he too has a supernatural ability. Seeing Anna and Vicki is also sure to upset his relationship with Bonnie, since seeing dead ex-girlfriends is never a good thing. Plec was also hesitant to talk about how much we'll be seeing of Malese Jow and Kayla Ewell in season 3, but I think The Vampire Diaries wouldn't bring them back after being gone for more than a year just for one brief cameo.


Stefan's turn to the dark side is going to be a major part of season 3, especially since he's not as comfortable dealing with that side of him as Damon is. In the flashbacks from the season 2 episode "The Dinner Party," we saw the ugly side of Stefan just after he turned, embracing his bloodlust. Exploring that part of the character and his difficulty in controlling it should make for a deadly hero in season 3.

Damon and Elena

The two finally kissed as Damon was on his deathbed and Elena confessed that she liked him just the way he is after he professed his love for her. Obviously that opens a big can of worms, and with Stefan out of the picture, the possibility of a Dalena romance is stronger than ever. But the real story is going to be how Elena reacts to the fact that Damon didn't die and now she has to deal with the feelings that caused her to have.

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Klaus and Elijah

Plec had nothing concrete to say about the future of Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies on The Vampire Diaries (though one or both could easily become series regulars at this point). What she did reveal is that since season 3 is the Season of the Originals, we'll be seeing Elijah in flashbacks as the show explores the Originals' origin. And in the best possible news, Plec revealed that whether Elijah will come back to life in the present isn't a question of if, it's a question of when.


Plec was rather vague on what's to come for Alaric, but she did promise that he will be getting a bigger role in the story, most likely due to his relationship with Jeremy as a new possible surrogate father figure. Fans caught a brief glimpse of their relationship in the finale as Alaric teased Jeremy about Bonnie, and it was sweet, funny and one of the only moments of levity in a dark and serious episode. More Alaric-Jeremy bonding time can only be a good thing.

Matt and Tyler

Plec didn't address these characters in the interview, but that could be because neither of them appeared in the season 2 finale. I didn't actually miss them (it took me a while after processing the finale before I even realized they were missing), but the show certainly needs to do something with them. Tyler's budding romance with Caroline is a good way for him to reenter the story, but what about Matt?

Other than Alaric, he's the only major character without a supernatural side, and he also told Caroline he wanted to live his normal life without dealing with her vampire drama. If that's the case, he should be on his way out, but I also think it's an opportunity to do something with Matt. Now that Sheriff Forbes seems to accept her daughter for who she is (it's hard to justify your hatred of vampires for being murderers when the sheriff killed Jeremy), there appears to be an opening for the role of the Mystic Falls anti-vampire leader.

If it were up to me, I'd like to see Matt fill that role and maybe even step up as a major villain for season 3, turning against the vampires and Tyler for taking Caroline away from him. It would be nice if The Vampire Diaries kept at least one character who isn't on the side of the vampires.

Whatever the show does, The Vampire Diaries is going to have a very hard job topping season 2 in terms of quality, but I've learned never to doubt this show. It keeps getting better, so I'm already excited for what season 3 will bring.

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