'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Think Klaus Control
'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Think Klaus Control
We've only just met the infamous Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, but the one thing on everyone's minds is how to get rid of the guy. It's not fair to Joseph Morgan, really. Still, his character is a threat to Elena and that's all the reason the Salvatores need to make him disappear.

This week, the fans have pooled their ideas to help out Damon and Stefan in bringing the Original to an end. Be warned; there will be bloodshed.

How Much Do You Know About the TVD Sacrifice?

First question: Do you have ideas on how to stop a vampire-werewolf hybrid?

Nadia Papagiannopoulos: Get him drunk, then cut off his body parts and ship them across the country.

Mike Emerson Lustado: Maybe the dagger.

Levona Meyer Pienaar: Rip out his heart!!!

Tiffany Chong: Use the silver stake, coat or soak it in vervain and cover with oak ash.

Elijah Smith from The Vampire Diaries: Head down and then burn up.

Well, the fan named Elijah seems to think decapitation's the solution, but what about the real Elijah? Another The Vampire Diaries viewer answered the question:

How can Elijah possibly stop Klaus?

TeamDefan: Well, he knows Klaus better than anyone in Mystic Falls, so Elijah will know how he works and how he thinks. And because Klaus is not expecting him (he thinks he is dead), they will get the upper hand. They will have to get Elijah or one of the Salvatores to wear him down and then a human must kill him. Now this is all easier said then done, so we will just have to wait and see what happens!

Klaus surely won't go down without a fight. He has two witches on his side, but his weakness may lie in thinking Bonnie's dead. Meanwhile, the Salvatores don't seem to have any other plans, and instead have another problem on their hands -- Jenna.

She found out about bloodsuckers on the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, and knowing about them can only mean danger for her.

Our last question this week is: Now that Jenna knows what's up, will she ask to be compelled? If not, what role will she play in the future? What do you think she'll do about the vampires?

Rachel Palmer: I think they should get her a ring that will protect her and I also cant wait to see who comes in next!

Olivia Cutts: I hope she doesn't tell anybody about vampires or anything.

TejalMandala: Be terrified for a while and then accept it, like Elena did.

TeamDefan: Well, in the preview for "The Last Day", she is holding a crossbow so I'm guessing they told her and she is ready to protect herself.

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We're hoping to see her fight as well, and get involved in a more exciting storyline at last. Before The Vampire Diaries ends its third season, check out our Facebook fan page for more news and discussions.

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