'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Discuss Bonnie's Possible Sacrifice
'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Discuss Bonnie's Possible Sacrifice
The Save Elena crusade is well on its way on The Vampire Diaries. Last week we had Isobel burn herself for her daughter. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon remain on the job, trying to protect Elena. But there's also best friend Bonnie, who embraced the wrath of a hundred witches just to obtain powers against the big bad Klaus.

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We asked the fans if Mystic Falls' resident witch will turn martyr and die for Elena's sake. We're sure Jeremy won't allow it; what about the audience?

Today's question: Should Bonnie really sacrifice herself to save Elena? Why or why not?

grace47: Nooooooooo way! I love Bonnie and she is the reason I watch the show. If she dies I am sure I won't watch the show. Maybe Elena should keep that idea in mind and die.

TeamDefan: I do think Bonnie will do whatever it takes to defeat Klaus, even if it means sacrificing herself. I don't want her to die, as she is one of my favorite characters, but if she does, that doesn't mean I will stop watching completely.

lourdeswilliams2: They cannot kill Bonnie off. She is the only witch left at this point, and remember, there is a bloodlines theme. So we need a witch. But if she gets killed off because she got a better gig, then I hope they replace her with an attractive but smarter version. Her character is not all that charismatic. She is pretty wishy-washy with her love interest.

VampDiaries33: Bonnie would sacrifice herself to save Elena. She would do anything to save her best friend, but I don't think she will get to that point. I really don't see her being killed off in the show, she is one of the main characters in the book series. Plus, who is gonna get these vamps out of trouble? They need a nifty little witch to help them with their plans, and basically save their lives.

doppelganger3: Bonnie is smart and I think she will find a way to kill Klaus without dying. At least I hope she does, because Jeremy deserves to be with her and I'm sick of every girl he loves dying on him. Poor guy. So I think she will live.

If it's not up to Bonnie to kill Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, then the Salvatores have to consider a different method. We're well aware of the white ash wood dagger still implanted in Elijah's corpse, but using that means letting him loose.

We asked: Who should the Salvatores kill: Elijah or Klaus? Or is there another way to get rid of both threats?

Levona Meyer Pienaar: As long as Stefan and Elena stay safe and together. They are soulmates!

Robbin LovingAmber Rosenthal: As long as someone gets rid of Caroline's mother, Katherine and Matt. As long as Damon-Elena-Stefan-Bonnie-Jeremy-Caroline stay safe, I really don't mind who goes. I hope Alaric can be saved! The cast is great! It's really hard to think of anyone being killed off the show, with those three exceptions: Caroline's mother, Matt and Katherine. That's fair right? Lol.

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Well, we better leave it to the gang (and the Vampire Diaries writers) to decide. But don't forget to share your suggestions and theories with us in the comments! Also, check out our Facebook fanpage for more news on the show.

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