The Vampire Diaries: Emily Resurfaces in More Flashbacks
The Vampire Diaries: Emily Resurfaces in More Flashbacks
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Remember that creepy girl Emily? She'll be resurfacing again on The Vampire Diaries as the series flashbacks to 1864 in which she served as Katherine's handmaid. According to, Emily's portrayer, Bianca Lawson, has been booked for the 12th episode entitled "Children of the Damned," which is scheduled to air on February 4.

To refresh your memory, Emily, a powerful witch, was Bonnie's fourth great grandmother and a direct descendant of one of the women accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. She made a deal with Damon Salvatore to protect Katherine by sealing her in the tomb beneath the church, and in return, Damon would protect Emily's descendants. Last time fans saw Emily, she possessed Bonnie in order to stop Damon from bringing Katherine back.

Katerina Graham, who plays newbie witch Bonnie Bennett, reveals to IESB that she had to study Lawson's Emily so she could pick up some of her mannerisms.

"I would stay on set when she was shooting and I'd watch how she was. That also gave the director an opportunity to say, let's try this or let's try that. I knew what her mannerisms were and how she behaved and talked," Graham says. "I want them to see that there's a lot of skill that goes into it, from the lighting to the direction to the production to the writing to the acting to the real moments that a character has. It's a great experience, but there's definitely a lot of work that goes into it."

Aside from Emily, "Children of the Damned" will also feature Damon and Stefan's father Giuseppe, played by Dexter actor James Remar.

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