'The Vampire Diaries' Best Tweets: 'Ghost World'
'The Vampire Diaries' Best Tweets: 'Ghost World'
With last week's shocking revelation that none other than Mason Lockwood was back on The Vampire Diaries, fans were left wondering what other ghostly visitors we would see coming back to haunt Mystic Falls. Mayor Lockwood? The ill fated reporter from way back in season one? Perhaps even Damon's dearly departed Andie? I was hoping for a good healthy dose of beloved Aunt Jenna. The Twitterverse was abuzz with rumors long before the episode even began though. This collection of the ten best tweets pretty accurately measures the build up to this highly anticipated and incredibly satisfying episode. 

#10. Jeanewong
"I think tonight will bring new meaning to "I see dead people."

Perhaps not really new meaning but I'm sure it would definitely have made a good tagline for the episode.

#9. Caulkcrinolines
"If a ghost is plotting evil, can you really trust her 'promise' that she's NOT plotting evil?"

I'm going to have to go with logic here and say, no. No you cannot.

#8: Marthamunguia
"I want sweet nice Stefan back even though I like the Rippah without humanity."

Come on! Someone has to be Damon if Damon's going to be Stefan! Seriously though, I miss good Stefan just as much as I miss bad Damon although I miss neither as much as I miss Klaus. Make sense?

#7. Adawnn1
"Caroline is so funny! **prays she doesn't get tortured in this episode like she is in ALL the others.**"

You said it! Aside from Damon, I don't think anyone gets as much abuse as poor Caroline.

#6. Denote_Griff
"Why are they shocked they've seen a ghost? I mean you have seen witches, vampires and werewolves."

I don't know about you but I know I was pretty freaking shocked (and deliciously thrilled) when Mason popped up last week.

#5. Irish_banana
"The Vampire Diaries is gonna smash my heart when they tear Anna away from Jeremy... again."

I like Bonnie and Jeremy. I've liked Bonnie and Jeremy since they first became a thing but totally agree with this one. Poor Jeremy has been through a lot. 

#4. Bekarus
"Poor Stefan! Let him be bad! Don't fix him. I like him that way."

I have to admit an uncomfortable fondness for bad Stefan. Paul Wesley is definitely selling it. 

#3. FutuRMissCEvans 
"I wonder if the weapon to kill Klaus is a dagger dipped in white oak ashes AND wolfsbane." 

Is it wrong that I'm really, really depressed about the almost certain demise of Klaus? 

#2. Gisygirl 
"I hate it when Damon gets hurt. I feel like there is no hope when Damon is gone, fragile or vulnerable."

It's kind of like when a puppy gets hurt - a potentially dangerous but incredibly adorable puppy. You want to cuddle it even though you're not entirely convinced it won't rip your face off for your efforts.

#1. NatlovesTVD 
"Between Lexie going away to Anna being united with her mama... ugly crying forever."

Yes. *wipes tear* The end.  

Wanda Fraser
Fan Columnist

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