The Vampire Diaries: Aunt Jenna's Two Boyfriends
The Vampire Diaries: Aunt Jenna's Two Boyfriends
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Just when you thought The Vampire Diaries had run out of twists and turns, last night's episode proved there's an endless supply of shocks for fans.  First was the revelation that Damon was trying to bring Katherine and 26 other vampires back to life for a killing spree, then Damon bit Bonnie when she burned the necklace, and finally, the episode ended with Aunt Jenna's dead ex-boyfriend Logan coming back, in vampire form.

Those are just some of the reasons, The Vampire Diaries climbed to new heights last night with more than 4.5 million viewers, the highest since the season premiere.  While other shows drop in viewers every week, The Vampire Diaries had been in a steady climb for the past four episodes, but in terms of viewers and quality.

But the big question is what role the two men in Aunt Jenna's life will play.  Logan's return is sure to lead to some major upheaval in Mystic Falls.  Not only is he now a vampire, but he knows all the secrets of the Council, the group of townspeople trying to stop the vampire attacks.  I'm guessing we haven't seen the end of shocking and sudden deaths.

Adding to the intrigue is Jenna's new man, history teacher Alaric Saltzman.  Regardless of what role he plays in the books, it seems pretty obvious that he's NOT  a vampire.  First, it's exactly what the show wants us to think.  Between the giant ring he wears as a family heirloom and his hesitance to enter the house uninvited, all signs pointed to vampire.

For anyone who's ever watched TV before, you know that when all the clues are screaming in one direction, it's a complete red herring.  In just nine short episodes, The Vampire Diaries has proven that it's not a silly obvious show that does exactly what you think it will, so Alaric is definitely not a vampire.

Of course, maybe that's just what they want us to think.  I've actually convinced myself so much that he can't possibly be a vampire, that him turning out to be exactly what the signs point to might be an even bigger twist.

Regardless of whether Alaric is or is not a vampire, there's no way a tall and mysterious new teacher shows up without a hidden agenda.  So now we have an evil vampire ex-boyfriend, a mysterious history teacher, a witch, a good vampire, a bad vampire whose plans have been ruined and a Council full of people who want to kill all the vampires.

Next week's episode, the mid-season finale and last new episode until January, is called "The Turning Point."  Something big is definitely going to go down, and with so many players in the mix, I have no idea which one to focus on.  My only hope is that those 27 vampires trapped in the church basement aren't gone forever, because I got way too excited about that possibility for it to already be over.

Watch the trailer for next week's episode for clues, and to see how unbelievably hot Stefan's vampire sex looks.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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