'The Vampire Diaries' at Comic Con: Character Growth, New Challenges and the Original Witch
'The Vampire Diaries' at Comic Con: Character Growth, New Challenges and the Original Witch
When we were last in Mystic Falls Elena made a heartbreaking decision when choosing Stefan over Damon. Soon after, Alaric died and Elena drowned. But not so fast! In the last moments the very dead Elena woke up!

The Vampire Diaries left viewers in shock and needing more. Today, during the Comic-Con panel there was a video screening and lots of Q&As. Will they answer the question on everybody's mind: Will she or won't she...feed? Probably not, but lets find out:

Who's Here?
Nina Dobrev (Elena)
Paul Wesley (Stefan)
Ian Somerhalder (Damon)
Michael Trevino (Tyler)
Zach Roerig (Matt)
Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy)
Kevin Williamson (Executive producer and writer)
Julie Plec (Executive producer and writer)

Season 4:
Julie Plec says the writing room feels fresh and different in all the right ways. Elena is a whole new character from where we left her in season 3, Stefan was chosen and Damon is left with a broken heart. Plus, how do you deal with graduation for kids who don't go to school?

We may not see much of Katherine next season. She will not show until Klaus is no longer a threat.

Esther is the original. But where did she learn about witchcraft and who came before her? This will be a big question next season.

The Cast Looks Back on Their Characters

Michael Trevino on Tyler: In season one even Trevino despised Tyler. He was a "douche bag and an a-hole." He knew that he would become a werewolf and feels blessed that he kind of gets to play four different characters given that he was also a hybrid and now where his character is going in season 4....and this is where Kevin Williamson interrupted, sorry guys.

Nina Dobrev on Elena: There's a big change in acting which has been fun. Katherine the vampire is bad and Elena the human is sweet. Now she has to figure out how Elena the possible vampire will be. But what it comes down to is their different experiences. Elena has had a near/death experience and now everything is heightened and will struggle since she never wanted to be one.

Ian Somerhalder on Damon: Damon balances a very tight rope when going back and forth with being bad and trying to be what everyone else wants him to be. And as Somerhalder points out, "you'd think at 170+ years old he'd think first, but he doesn't." Last season he tried to be what others wanted him to be and the bottom line he's not a nice guy and he has the attitude that if you don't like it you can go.

Paul Wesley on Stefan: Stefan has gone from hero to a ripper and back again. Wesley leans toward the dark side so when he found out he was going to turn so evil he was a bit relieved. The truth is, according to Wesley, is that he is so dark and dangerous he tries to cover it up with lightness.

Zach Roerig on Matt:
Roerig's looking forward to a season of Matt. Well, Matt being human anyway. And he's happy to be human. Kevin Williamson knows what's to come for his character. He's very important to Elena. She saved his life.

Steven R. McQueen on Jeremy:
He kind of has the kiss of death when it comes to romance. Will he find love in season 4? Well, he seems to be a bit preoccupied and contributed to his sister turning into a vampire so who know.

Panel Bites
Plec is rooting for Team Salvatore. Thinks it's great that people have such strong opinions. It's fun rooting for the underdog which tends to change every time one of the brother's has a leg up on the competition.

Dobrev says worst part of the job is maybe the lack of sleep. Meanwhile all the boys could agree the cookies were the best and worst part of the job. Torture with all those shirtless scenes. 

When trying to come up with someone to kiss, Dobrev thought Katherine and Elijah would be fun. The crowd had mix emotions on that pairing.

McQueen's favorite scene to shoot was him with a crossbow. He even took it with him to lunch. Dobrev liked the underwater stuff from last season. Made her feel like she was filming an action movie.

Plec and Williamson actually pitched to turn Elena back in season two so they've known for a long that that they wanted to do it. How early did Dobrev find out? Three or four episodes before and she was pleased she could keep the secret.

Matthew Davis could come back. Basically, his contract with his new show says it's ok. Will he, we're not sure but the door is open.

Plec Dishes on the Cast:
  • McQueen is a goofball with a heart of gold.
  • Roerig has grown up in a miraculous way. He also hunts turkeys.
  • Wesley is the funniest person she's met
  • Dobrev will rule Hollywood and then the world one day.
  • Somerhalder has met more people and done more things than anyone.
  • Trevino is loyal to his friends and family. Champion to his boys and stands up for women.

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW October 11 at 8pm. Need more scoop? Check out the new characters of season 4: the new vampire hunter and a a girl named April.

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