'Dexter' Actor to Appear on 'The Vampire Diaries'
'Dexter' Actor to Appear on 'The Vampire Diaries'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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James Remar, who is perhaps best known as Richard, the on-off tycoon boyfriend of Kim Cattrall's character in Sex and the City, as well as serial killer Dexter Morgan's father Harry on Showtime's Dexter, has joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries to spice up the drama in the key role of Giuseppe Salvatore, Stefan and Damon's father.

Remar is expected to start filming his scenes early next month.

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"He's an aristocrat in the 1860's of Italian decent," Remar told TV Guide Magazine. "It's the Civil War Era and it's about how he relates to his boys."

Since there's probably tons of back-story to uncover, expect to see Remar on more than one episode of The Vampire Diaries when the show returns in January.

This is certainly good news for Remar, who appears to be busy with TV gigs even as the fourth season of Dexter is about to wrap up. He'll play a significant role in Dexter's bloody fourth season finale on December 13, and on the same night, he'll also appear as a father mourning a child in Lifetime Movie Network's original holiday tearjerker, The Christmas Hope. Last but not the least, he'll guest-star on crime procedural drama.

"I'm filming an episode of Numbers now as a billionaire arms dealer who doesn't seem to care much about the weapons he sells," Remar revealed.

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