Casting News: 'Revenge' Finds Emily's Mother, 'The Vampire Diaries' Gets a New Girl
Casting News: 'Revenge' Finds Emily's Mother, 'The Vampire Diaries' Gets a New Girl
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As the fall season approaches, casting news is in the air! Who will play the coveted role of Emily Thorne's mother on Revenge? Who will be the new girl in town on The Vampire Diaries? Keep reading to find out!

Meet Emily's Mommy!

Until the Revenge season 1 finale, we all pretty much assumed that Emily Thorne's mother was long-since dead and gone. And then... Not so much. The not-so-late Mrs. Clarke was actually alive. But who could she be?

Revenge has now cast the part. Jennifer Jason Leigh will be playing Emily's long-lost mother, a woman missing since at least young Amanda Clarke's early childhood. The actress -- currently recurring on Weeds as Jill, the older sister of Nancy Botwin -- will appear in multiple episodes of Revenge season 2 beginning in the fall.

Other than the fact that this woman was once married to David Clarke and gave birth to a daughter named Amanda, there is little known about Jennifer Jason Leigh's upcoming Revenge character. But we can expect her to be dangerous. TVLine quoted Revenge executive producer Mike Kelley as saying the mother would be "volatile," "dangerous" and "a little bit out of control."

Yikes. Mommy Dearest indeed!

A New Girl Comes to Mystic Falls

What with the burgeoning vampire population, it makes sense that The Vampire Diaries would want to bring in a few new humans. Whether for food, for love or just for distraction, at least two humans will join the ranks in Mystic Falls for The Vampire Diaries season 4.

New casting information brings us the name of the actress set to play a 16-year-old girl coming to town after the death of her father. According to a report from, Grace Phipps (The Nine Lives of Chloe King) will play new girl April. It seems that the teenager has been off at boarding school for years but was a childhood friend of the Gilbert family.

Phipps' casting follows that of Todd Williams in the role of Connor, a lethal and imposing vampire hunter.

The Vampire Diaries season 4 is set to return to The CW on October 11.

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