Buddy Bites: 'Vampire Diaries' Casting News, New 'Bachelor'/'Survivor' Hybrid
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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When Vampire Diaries and Supernatural Collide
Here's some juicy Vampire Diaries casting news to sink your teeth into. The mysterious town of Mystic Falls is about to land a new sexy vampire (is there any other kind). The show has cast Lauren Cohan to play the role of 500 year old Rose. We don't know much about her character but her character but we can bet that this sexy "young" vamp will make a pass at Damon.

Hardcore CW fans surely will remember Cohan as Bela Talbot from season 3 of Supernatural. Bela was a tough as nails character who got the best of both the brothers so she should have no trouble winning over Damon. She will first show up in the eighth episode titled "Rose." What do you think Vampire Diaries fans? Are you excited for Rose? [Zap2it]

Meet Play Love
After the success of Bachelor Pad on ABC (and by success I mean people watched not, not success like it was a good show) and the continuing success of Survivor at CBS, NBC is throwing it's hat into the ring with a Survivor/Bachelor hybrid adventure-style dating show.

The show is tentatively titled Love in the Wild and the premise is exactly how it sounds. New couples thrown in exotic locals need to survive and find love at the same time. The show is being created by the geniuses who brought us Wipeout and Dating in the Dark.

The whole finding love aspect is a mistake. Anyone who watched Bachelor Pad knows that the relationship part of the show was the most boring part. It was the cat fights and meat head arguing that made the show (somewhat) watchable. [Vulture]

Ali and Roberto Play it Safe
Speaking of The Bachelor franchise, it looks like things are slowing down for recent Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and her chosen beau Roberto Martinez. And by slowing down, I really just mean they are acting like adults. Instead of rushing to elope (their original plan) the new couple plan to take it slow and enjoy their time together without rushing into things. That is not a terrible idea, especially when you consider the success rate of the "winners" of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and their cursed courtships. I swear the show is like 2/20 when it comes to successful partnerships. Hang in there Ali and Roberto. [People]

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