Are There Plans for Another 'Vampire Diaries' Spin-off?
Are There Plans for Another 'Vampire Diaries' Spin-off?
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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Missing The Vampire Diaries already? Well you might be in luck, as showrunner Julie Plec has teased a possible spin-off to her successful vampire drama. No, we're not talking about The Originals. Find out what Plec had to say about the future of the TVD franchise below.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, TVD co-creator Julie Plec revealed that she's already been thinking of ways to spin the series off, and she's got an idea in mind.

"Obviously [The Vampire Diaries' and The Originals'] timelines did not match up, so Caroline and Klaus are not coming face-to-face in this season. That being said, we do have crossover elements in the upcoming season of The Originals that's about to start airing, and it all brings it back to what I see as a future for either The Originals or another piece of the franchise to launch off of the end of The Originals. So I look forward to being able to play around in that sandbox and see if I can make something of it."

The Vampire Diaries series finale definitely left things open for Caroline in particular, and a story following her new school for the supernatural would be interesting to many TVD fans. Since the school is being funded by The Originals' Klaus, perhaps when their story's timeline catches up, there would be room to explore this new tale.

Whether or not we could see that spin-off or another has yet to be seen. For now, Plec is planning on taking a much-needed break. "There's a lot of different things floating around in my head," she says, "and the first thing I'm going to do is not write and take a vacation. And then, when I come back on the other side of that, I'm going to go back to work."

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Rest up, Julie. We look forward to the next chapter in this story!

New-Year-New-Life-The-Vampire-Diaries.gif Would you be interested in a TVD spin-off following Caroline's school for supernatural kids? Tell us your thoughts for a spin-off in the comments below!

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