The Unit: Can Bridget Sullivan Become One of the Boys?
The Unit: Can Bridget Sullivan Become One of the Boys?
We recently reported that a new recruit on The Unit will come in the form of a blonde woman named Bridget Sullivan, who will be played by Nicole Steinwedell.  TV Guide was the first to grab an interview with the former Dawson’s Creek actress, who is honored to be The Unit’s first female crew member.

"Women aren’t supposed to be in the Unit, or people underestimate their strength or fortitude," Steinwedell told TV Guide in a recent interview.  "[Bridget] illustrates the 'constantly surprising' in the first episode by being resourcefulness in the line of duty and under pressure.  She keeps on surprising them with her education and her ability to help out in certain situations."

Steinwedell sheds light on her character, saying, “She's been undercover for 18 months, so she's never worked with them before, just by correspondence.  She's first meeting the guys.”

She also takes pride in the fact that women can also do men’s jobs.  She says that women are “Not only are the good for recon or undercover work because they're women and it's not expected, but also a woman's mind works differently, and that’s always a value.”

Moreover, she says that the fact that her relatives were involved in government service helped her prepare for the role.  She explained, “My grandfather was a colonel in the Army and my parents were both marines, so for me to go on this show and have it be legitimate was reassuring.”

Steinwedell also assures that “[Bridget]’s got brawn, too.  She's able to handle the heat in a combat situation, which is why at the end of Episode 1 she's invited to join the team.”

As for fans who are hoping for some romance to ensue on the third season of The Unit, Steinwedell offers an indefinite answer, saying, “We don’t know yet.  She's very professional with the boys.  Obviously, in any professional situation there's a certain amount of tension between the opposite sex – especially if they're attractive.  But you don’t cross that line because it's important not to.”

Catch Nicole Steinwedell as intelligence officer Bridget Sullivan on The Unit, which airs tonight at 10pm on CBS.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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