'The Two Coreys' Producer Working on New Reality Series
'The Two Coreys' Producer Working on New Reality Series
The executive producer of A&E's hit reality show The Two Coreys is on hand to produce a new reality show for Fox.  The show, entitled Secret Millionaire, is set to hit the airwaves on December 3, with a two-hour premiere.

The show's premise is simple.  An adaptation of the award-winning series The Secret Millionaire, which aired on British broadcaster Channel 4, it involves several millionaires who are dared to go undercover in some of America's poorest neighborhoods.  They assume a different identity, work for really meager pay (relative to what they used to earn), and immerse themselves completely in situations beyond their comprehension.  Each millionaire must work with different members of the community, and along the way learn about their determination to help each other despite having to overcome tremendous odds.

On the final day, each undercover millionaire will have to choose who among the people they meet will become recipients of the gift of their lives—at least $100,000 of their own money—and eventually reveal their true identities.

In the United Kingdom, the program aired for two seasons in 2006 and 2007, and eventually won a Rose d'Or award in 2007 from the Rose d'Or Festival in Switzerland.  The last series featured an established author who sought to help budding entrepreneurs; a successful water theme park owner who rediscovered his Asian roots; a property developer who realizes that it's not a matter of looking for people to help, but a matter of solving the large problems they face; and a self-made young millionaire who travels to a part of Britain notorious for gang culture and violent crime.

The series is also executive produced by Chris Coelen and Bruce Toms, who produced other television shows such as Nanny 911, Wife Swap, How to Look Good Naked, Don't Forget the Lyrics and Ice-T's Rap SchoolSecret Millionaire will premiere on December 3, with a two-hour season premiere from 8pm, and every Wednesday thereafter from 9pm, only on Fox.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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