[Video] 'The Tomorrow People' Sneak Peek: Oops! Jedikah Gets Kidnapped ... Accidentally
[Video] 'The Tomorrow People' Sneak Peek: Oops! Jedikah Gets Kidnapped ... Accidentally
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Stephen's going to run into trouble balancing his life between The Tomorrow People and Ultra when Jedikah gets kidnapped. Ultra will be on the hunt to get their leader back and nothing with stop them. In "Thanatos," Stephen tries to find out more about his father, but will the cost be too high?

Two new The Tomorrow People characters are introduced in "Thanatos." Stephen finally meets Ultra's Founder played by Simon Merrells. Will meeting the Founder help Stephen get closer to finding his father? Or at least help him understand who his father was?

For fans of the original The Tomorrow People, you'll be happy to see Nicholas Young, who played John on the original series. He'll be portraying a new character Aldus Crick. Young will appear in two episodes.

"Thanatos" Trailer

The Tomorrow People kidnap Jedikah! What the heck is going on? Stephen doesn't seem thrilled about that plan. Ultra tasks telepathic specialists to find Jedikah. At least Cara is able to sense that they are getting close.

Russell's decision to kidnap Jedikah brilliant move? Or problematic? Jedikah does have a sense of humor about it which has to frustrate Russell and others. At least, they get a few punches in.

What a pickle indeed!

"Thanatos" Sneak Peek

Jedikah has Russell at gunpoint! It doesn't end well for Jedikah when Russell shows his fighting prowless. Though, Jedikah gets some hits in too. Russell then freaks out when he realizes that he brought Jedikah into the Tomorrow People lair.

Talk about a letting the fox into the hen house! How will they get out of this one?

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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