'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Brotherly Love Comes in All Forms
'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Brotherly Love Comes in All Forms
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Back after a few weeks, I have to admit I was pumped to see what mom would be doing now that she's shown Stephen she has powers. However, I was disappointed that all she wanted to do was run, and never really explained how or why. On the upside though, we learn more about Stephen's father and why Jedikiah is fascinated with a breakout who turns out to be a twin with a human brother.

Trying to Run

After the shootout at the café, mom rushes or rather teleports home and tells Stephen they have to run. Moments after they start to argue, Jedikiah comes in with Ultra. He tells Stephen he never should have made a deal with the Founder. He then tells Stephen that the worst thing they can do is run, as the Founder will always be on the trail. Stephen agrees to stay and work for Ultra under the condition that his family and friends will always be safe, no matter what.

Seeing Double

Meanwhile, both Ultra and the Tomorrow People find out that someone is breaking out and killing. Russell has this bright idea that it's a Tomorrow person 2.0. Cara and John think the person might be part of the same testing group John was in, the Annex Project. Turns out, it's neither. After a run-in at a club, Russell and Cara make off with the Tomorrow person's briefcase full of cash, leaving Stephen and Ultra with nothing. However, Hillary gets some information that leads them to the guy. Just as Stephen gloats to Cara that they've brought the Tomorrow person in, Cara sees the same guy get on the subway car to retrieve his briefcase.

Nathan and Cyrus are twins. Cyrus is a Tomorrow person, Nathan is not. Cara learns that Nathan piggybacks off of Cyrus' powers to become the perfect hit man.

A Transfer of Power

Jedikiah is beyond himself when he finds out they are twins. He offers Nathan the chance to become a Tomorrow person by a transfer of power. Stephen gets suspicious and finds out from John, who has been staying at his house, that during the procedure, the Tomorrow person always dies a painful death and that it's never been successful.

Cyrus, sensing his brother's fear at Ultra - which turns out to be a trap by Jedikiah, turns himself in. Just as the procedure is about to start, Nathan grabs the gun smuggled in by Cyrus and starts shooting up the Ultra lab. Ultimately, Cyrus is killed by an Ultra agent while he is strangling Jedikiah.

Jedikiah is devastated and Stephen calls him out on it. Jedikiah just says he's fascinated by the science of it, but Stephen knows it has to do with his own jealously that his father had the powers, while his uncle didn't. In the final scene, we see this to be true, as Jedikiah talks to Stephen's father's body, which is being preserved in a room at Ultra.

Pretty decent episode for a comeback. I like that they've revealed what happened to Roger's body. And I love how just when you almost start to believe Jedikiah, you realize that he is a bad guy. He wants to steal Roger's powers, and will do it at the expense of innocent lives.

Gone were the silly high school antics, which is great in my opinion. In fact, Stephen doesn't even go to school in this episode of The Tomorrow People. I find it ridiculous, but at the same time I'm glad that that non-sense wasn't involved. Stephen is much better when he focuses on his family and being a double agent.

I did like the heart-to-heart that John had with mom. He explains that Stephen is a hero to the Tomorrow People by working as a double agent.

The love-hate between Cara and John was back, she's ridiculous though. First, she kicks him out so she can be in charge of the Tomorrow People, but then she says she wants him to come home because she misses him. Can't have it both ways. Two powerful people in a relationship always butt heads. But the funny thing is, she's not that powerful, as she still struggles to make decisions.

I think that if The Tomorrow People takes out that teen angst, and Russell's silliness, and focuses on the storylines of the breakouts, and Ultra and Jedikiah's plan to take over the world, then it will keep getting better.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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