'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Bathory and Jedikiah Both Get Their Hearts' Desires
'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Bathory and Jedikiah Both Get Their Hearts' Desires
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Holy heart attack Batman, that was intense! "Kill Switch," The Tomorrow People's penultimate episode couldn't have been more gripping. Loads of people around the nation are going to be throwing things at their big and small screens if this sci-fi serial thriller isn't renewed after what promises to be a rocket booster ride finale next week with "Son of Man."

The Tomorrow People delivered major duplicity among the rank and file, overt and covert flirtation and several put-your-man-pants-on calls to action, while skewering the possibilities with two startling cliffhanger-y threads that will gnaw at viewers' anxious and curious intellects for the next 166 hours. Damn you, CW, for getting us all hooked.

Blackmailed By Their Own Brains

"Kill Switch" opens with a brief flashback to moments before the blast when Stephen sees a zombified John in the hallways of Ultra. We learn later that John has to have Tim and Russell help him get back to the lair because his magical mojo is indeed zapped to nothing but a distant memory and the scent of sulfur lingering in the air. All he has left is his charm and his brooding swagger, however weakened they both may be at the moment.

Rising from the post-blast rubble, Stephen stares into Bathory's chili con carne visage with murder in his eyes. Instead of attacking, he teleports back to the lair where Cara, Roger and Marla wait. 

Roger's immediate response upon hearing about the bombing? Let's attack like the warriors we are against this outrage? Nope. The Jamesons are out of here and we're going as a family, he says. What?

Sack Up, Popsicle Papa

Stephen reads Roger the riot act and basically tells him to sack up. He didn't bust his ass to bring Roger back to life just to have him run away with his tail between his knees leaving a lair full of people behind to clean up the mess. Marla's no dummy. She agrees with Stephen and she's having nothing to do with a refugee's life. She wants this done and over with once and for all. In the face of all the familiar courage, Roger's kinda looking like a wuss at this point, people, a bona fide kitty cat, and not in a good way.

Cara then spies John sitting on the stairs looking like death warmed over. I'm not one of you anymore, he says dejectedly, but I've been sent as a messenger rat. Negotiate a truce with Bathory or he'll kill you all. 

Sparring with Bathory

Cara takes Russel, Jody and tough girl Natalie to Bathory, who's being treated for his nasty case of lasagna face. He offers to leave the psionics alone if they will deliver Roger to him. Oh, hell no, pizza face, says Good-time Russell, and this is where it gets interesting. 

Bathory smugly informs them about the trackers Russell, Natalie, Jody and a bunch of the TTPs had injected into their brains a couple of episodes ago. Those trackers also have a kill switch. Yeah, Russell, who's your daddy now? To prove his point, Bathory has his minion push a button and Jody drops dead, bleeding from the nose. Bathory's final threat: one of your rugrats will die every 60 minutes until I have Roger in my greedy little hands. Things just got real.

A Morbid Disarming Plan

Back at the lair, the challenge on the table is getting the dang time bombs out of people's heads. How? Irene, the resident geneticist, can cut them out, right? Over my dead body, says Russell. The only other option: stealing Jody's corpse from the morgue and dissecting him to figure out how to neutralize the brain bombs. 

Cara, Stephen and John head for the morgue while Marla dons a nursing outfit and teleports to the psych ward where she frees Jed.

In the process of retrieving Jody, the trio get swarmed by a bevy of rent-a-cops on graveyard duty. John fights off the zombi-like rent-a-cops with some surprising strength and daring-do and they exit stage left. Once on the subway, John says goodbye to Cara for good, leaving her looking longingly at him as the train pulls out of the station without him. 

Love in the Time of Cholera

Okay, so maybe there's no cholera in this or any episode of The Tomorrow People, but the point is the same: this is not the best time or place to be flirting with new or old loves, or is it? Back at the lair, Marla and Roger make googly eyes at each other like hormone-riddled teens as they practice sparring. It turns out Marla's power is mighty, well, powerful. She can kick some major patootie when she needs to. These two do have some good chemistry, but why isn't she still pissed at him for telling her he didn't love her anymore 10 years ago? Is she really that forgiving? They must have worked that all out off-screen several episodes ago, though I keep expecting some latent anger to rear its ugly head. I digress...

Topside, John goes to Astrid just to lighten his load and we get our second verbal butt-kicking of the episode. Astrid calls John on his defeatist attitude about the fate of the Tomorrow People. She reads him the riot act and tells him to man up because he's the most courageous person she's ever met. Then she lays a kiss or four on him, and the electricity is sizzling and popping all over the place. For the second time this episode, we hear someone say, I didn't save your life just to see you roll over and do nothing with it. So man up, big guy, and here's a couple kisses filled with promise for when this is all over.

Frankly, John needs someone who likes him just for who he is, not because he's part of a cause. Astrid is that person. Such a breath of spring amid the grit and soot of his life. Her beautiful face, gorgeous tresses and sparkly black eyes would make any man worth his weight ride off to fight all manner of dragons. 

Before leaving Astrid to go and save the world, John gives her his lucky black leather coat and promises to come back and get it, giving her a kiss to die for in exchange. Then he's off to fight the dragon and save the world.

A Crude Reduction of Darwinism

Jedikiah and Irene are back at the lair discussing the survival of the fittest and how to disarm the trackers when Irene cracks the code to the TTPs' powers. Disheartened that this doesn't save the lives of her fellow TTPs, Irene gets back to work while Jedikiah's face does a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation as he considers the endless possibilities now that he has the answer to what he's been searching for his entire life. Now he knows how to turn homo sapiens into homo superiors. Bazinga, people!

Before long, Jed sneaks up behind Irene and injects her with something in the neck. We assume she passes out and he does a little research on her ... or maybe he extracts a bit of her DNA and inserts it into himself. That must be what he does, because we all know what happens at the end of the episode, right?

The Cart is Delivered Before the Horse

While Cara and Stephen are fighting Department of Defense soldiers at the Hoover Dam and successfully destroying the computers controlling Bathory's trackers still stuck inside TTPs all over the city, Russell "Judas" Kwon is the recipient of the third get-your-man-pants-on call to action. This time, it's from tough girl Natalie who goads him into taking advantage of the opportunity given him when Cara left him in charge: turn Roger over to The Founder.

Russell caves and cuffs Roger with a neutralizer, and then all hell breaks out in the lair. Marla and Natalie rumble. Natalie wins by threatening to maim Stephen's baby brother. Finally, a group hug teleports Roger outta there and back to Ultra to be handed over to Bathory. 

What they don't know yet is that Stephen and Cara have taken out the network. After they've handed Roger over, they realize they've given up their bargaining chip when they hadn't needed to. Oh, snap!

Russell and the group leave Ultra feeling free. Stephen tells his brother to take care of their mom, Marla packs to leave and Natalie kisses Russell. A Robert Redford look-alike pushes a button at Ultra and the rings begin to rotate around Roger's tethered and damaged body. 

Astrid arrives at the liar and flies into John's relieved arms, while Cara looks on and knows what she and John had has been put to bed for good.

Stephen finds a weakened Irene who is stunned to learn the rest of them have no idea what happened to her. 

The next thing we see is Jedikiah topside ... wielding paranormal powers with a blinding force that could either destroy the world or make him savior of it. We will not know which he chooses until next week.

Catch The Tomorrow People season 1 finale next Monday at 9pm on The CW.

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