The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: First Day of High School
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: First Day of High School
Episode Overview: It's hard to believe the Martin twins are old enough, yet tonight, Zack and Cody attend their first day of high school.  There, they meet up with London, who is attending public school for the first time.

London finds out that she's been expelled from her posh private school after never attending class.  She'll be heading to public school this fall along with the Martin twins.  Cody plans on enrolling in tons of extracurricular activities but Zack thinks that's too dorky.  He immediately starts checking out the high school girls while their friend Bob decides he's going to be a jock.

London is upset over the size of the lockers and Nia tries to convince her to just be real.  London bribes her way into getting friends.  Zack works on Amber, the older girl, who's a sophomore.  Cody finds a new nerd to be friends with.  London bought all the lockers around here to have more room. 

Zack goes a little too far flirting with Amber and when her boyfriend shows up, he gets thrown in a garbage can.  Nia comes to the rescue and sticks up for him, even beating up the guy.  Both kids get in trouble with the principal.  Looks like Zack and Nia aren't off to a great start!

London pays other people in the school to go to class for her.  While Zack waits for the principal, Cody is invited there as she likes to meet all the honor students.  Casey and Moseby show up to find out what trouble Zack and Nia have caused.  London attempts to build a walk-in locker complete with skylight.  When the principal goes after her, London loses all her friends she paid to have since they don't want to get in trouble!

The bully, Amber's boyfriend, turns on Cody but Bob stands up to him.  The principal just comes in as Cody is tackling the bully.  Amber lets Zack know she broke up with her boyfriend.  She keeps trying to convince him that the age difference is too great but he wins he over and they plan a study date.  For his punishment, Cody is assigned a day of detention.  Carey and Moseby head back to school and keep arguing so much that the principal makes them sit down and be quiet!

In detention Vance, Amber's ex, apologizes to Nia and even asks her out.  Mark, Cody's new friends, sits there too but only because he had nothing better to do.  Zack brags about his upcoming date with Amber.  And thus concludes their first day of high school!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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