The 'X' Files: Of Lipsyncing, Smoking Bans, Crack Babies and More 'X Factor' Drama
The 'X' Files: Of Lipsyncing, Smoking Bans, Crack Babies and More 'X Factor' Drama
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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X Factor airs tonight on FOX, but by now, the show is about a lot more than just the music. Here's your latest rundown of all the backstage buzz:

Willow Smith will perform on tomorrow's (Thursday, November 10) X Factor results show. She JUST turned 11! That's one year younger than The X Factor's lower age limit. Anyone else seeing the irony here? Oh well. Willow will be singing her song "Fireball," even though she's still too young to play with matches.

Lipsyncing: A Big Deal or Not So Big of a Deal? Poor LeRoy Bell became the center of The X Factor's lipsyncing "scandal" last week when he was a little too slow to pick up his mic during the group performance of "Without You." The show later admitted that contestants lipsync, but only during non-judged group numbers like this one. (Their second defense? All the OTHER shows do it, tooooo!) Check out this ABC News piece on the incident -- if only for the hilarious rundown of other acts who have gotten caught in the faking act:

To his credit, LeRoy laughed off the flubb, saying, "I was like, 'What the heck?' It's like a spoof or something." And his competition were laughing over the incident also -- maybe a little too much. Trace Kennedy of Stereo Hogzz revealed that he's apparently obsessed with LeRoy's little mistake: "That's the best part of the competition for us. Of any video before I go to sleep every night, I at least watch it 10 times and I just think, 'Hm, that's why you don't put people on there that's 60 years old.'" Well that was both creepy AND harsh.

Rachel Crow was Born a "Crack Baby": Rachel's family adopted her at 6 months old, but before that, her mother Barbara says, Rachel "was born a crack baby and actually lived in a crack house and suffered a lot of abuse. But she is totally unaffected by it. She never looks at [her past] in a sad way. She looks at it as that is what made her the person she is." 13-year-old Rachel says that if she wins The X Factor's $5 million prize, she wants to use part of it to help other foster kids. This kid, I swear. She's just the best.

Meanwhile, Across the Pond... "tone-deaf exhibitionist" Frankie Cocozza, the one famous for having the names of women he'd shagged tattooed on his ass, was sacked from The X Factor UK for breaking the show's "golden rule." And that golden rule is apparently "Thou shalt not brag backstage about thine love for cocaine-fueled sex sessions." Here's a video of Frankie showing up late to his own live performance, and then being fantastically lazy and terrible throughout. We have so much to learn from those rock 'n' roll Brits. Also, we should probably talk about how his hair is a brunette Kate Gosselin.

Josh Krajcik Warned to Stop Smoking and Drinking to Save His Voice: But ... but ... what if his voice's delicious, husky charm is BECAUSE of the cigarettes and whiskey? Just kidding. Listen to that doctor and be safe and healthy, Josh. For now. Then drink all the whiskey you want with that $5 million.

Simon Vs. Nicole: An Update. Nicole banned Simon from her rehearsals because he's too much of a micro-manager who keeps trying to steal away her talent. My question is: Shouldn't he be banned from the beginning? Because he's her competition? Also, it feels weird to be on Nicole's side about anything, but Simon's inability to give her artists a compliment without patting himself on the back is really bugging me.

We're About Halfway Done with The X Factor Season One... which means this is about the time when everyone comes out with their articles saying what FOX should do to improve the show, and their ratings. Or, in the case of this article from the New York Daily News, their list of things wrong with the show with no ideas for how to fix those problems. 

Because I want to be a part of this trend, here are a couple of my original ideas for how to make The X Factor even better: Replace Nicole Scherzinger with someone less full of it/herself, have Steve Jones host shirtless (if he can't say anything interesting, at least we'd have something to look at), Simon gets tased every time he gives himself an undeserved compliment, something something puppies. Badabing, badaboom, a billion more viewers!

Watch the final 11 acts perform LIVE on tonight's X Factor USA, 8-10pm on FOX. And check back to BuddyTV for the recap and performance rankings!

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