VIDEO: Meet the 8 Groups Performing on 'The Sing-Off' Premiere Part 2 Tonight
VIDEO: Meet the 8 Groups Performing on 'The Sing-Off' Premiere Part 2 Tonight
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight, The Sing-Off is back with part two of its finale, which means digital correspondent Sam Tsui is back to give us the high notes and the low down on the eight groups taking the stage.

Last week, eight impressive and diverse a cappella groups performed (watch my three favorite numbers from the night!), and two -- The Fannin Family and Cat's Pajamas -- were eliminated by the judges. Tonight, these eight groups will fight for Ben, Sara and Shawn's approval, and again, two will be sent home before the night is over.

Who's it gonna be?
Get a sneak peek of tonight's performers and make your predictions now:

Deltones: They're from the University of Delaware (DEL-tones, get it?) and pride themselves on friendship. Want to know how they got on to The Sing-Off? Here's their audition video!

North Shore:
This five member "street corner doo wop" group is definitely the oldest in the competition, but they have years of wisdom and practice on their side (and they've also opened for The Temptations!) so don't underestimate them.

This cleverly-named 5-person group (a "pentatonic" scale is a musical scale with five notes per octave) draws influence from garage, house and electro music. Will that "modern" sound actually sound like music, though? We'll have to wait and hear...

Dartmouth Aires: 16 Ivy League boys make up this group from Dartmouth, and they're all about the clever bells and whistles. Check out their Kanye West medley to see if they have the musical chops to match their charms.

Messiah's Men: This African-born gospel group might have the most fascinating and inspiring story of them all. But Sam's question of whether their gospel sound (AMAZING gospel sound!) can be flexible enough for this razzle-dazzle reality show seems like a valid one.

Soul'd Out:
They're in high school, and there are a lot of them. Will they be able to sing with the big kids? What if one of their male sopranos hits puberty right in the middle of the show? Are they like real-life Glee? So many questions!

The Collective:
Another brand-new group with a season 2 cast-off (like last week's Delilah), but this one is co-ed AND has its own "Christian music star" in its midst! And tonight, they're singing some song called "Rolling in the Deep." Have you heard of it?

This co-ed five-member group has already released two albums. Which is impressive, but might mean they're set in their ways. Will they be this week's Cat's Pajamas? I hope not, because I love their song choices on Youtube.

Which groups are you rooting for tonight on The Sing-Off? Join me after the episode for the rankings! (Check out last week's rankings below.)

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