'The Sing-Off' Recap: Number One Hits and a Proposal
'The Sing-Off' Recap: Number One Hits and a Proposal
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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Only four of the remaining eight groups perform tonight, leaving the remaining four to perform next Monday. The bottom two will go head to head in the ultimate sing-off and one group will be eliminated. Bonus: the first Sing-Off proposal on stage!

Group Performance: "In Your Eyes"

The Sing-Off opens the show with a stellar group performance. It is such a great performance, it sounds like a gospel song. It is a really nice change from the medleys they usually do. 

We learn that each group will be mentored by Shawn Stockman tonight as they prepare for their performances. That should prove interesting. Seems they are taking a page from The Voice, which is smart.

Ten ("Chain of Fools")

Based on Shawn's mentoring, their goal is to take everyone to church. The performance is great from the start. I like the visual set up of the the three different sections. They change the rhythm several times and the soloist is out of control. Shawn is out of his chair clapping like a maniac. I have goosebumps, I think they are amazing.

Shawn says it was their signature performance. Jewel wants to go to that church. Ben tells them they have some more work to grow on their rhythm section, but that overall, they are dangerous. 

acoUstiKats ("Amazed")

After being in the bottom two last time, these guys are ready to work harder than ever. Shawn advises the guys to pick a gal in the audience to sing to since they will likely sing better for it. It starts a bit too choral and cheesy for my taste, but gets better as it goes on. They are very passionate and dedicated to the song at least, especially the bassist, who is really giving eyes to his girlfriend.

Ben comments that they are separating themselves from the other male college groups and was moved by the performance. Jewel comments that they have now shown their heart as a group and were sincere. Shawn says that they took his advice to find someone in the audience to sing to and the bassist calls his girlfriend to the stage to show the judges who he sang to. And oh my god, the first Sing-Off proposal! He tells her he's amazed by her and she says yes! Aw, that was very sweet. Okay, they can stay.

Street Corner Renaissance ("Forget You")

Shawn advises them to have a beginning middle and end to the song. I'm not sure I follow but they seem to, which is all that matters. This song really fits their style well. I like this performance a lot more than the last. They are a charming group of gentlemen.

Ben tells them the song was timeless and they are timeless so it went well together. Jewel comments that they need to work on the harmonies and their tuning, but enjoyed it as well.

The Filharmonic ("One More Night")

Shawn advises them to get more aggressive with the song and allow it to build, which is actually great advice. It starts out strong with all of them at the mic stands. They really have the boy band thing down. I can't tell if they are doing too much or not enough, but the performance is not really grabbing me. I feel like they need a bit more from the rhythm section.

Shawn tells them this is the tightest they have ever been. Ben and I are on the same page as he tells them he wasn't that excited about the performance, but is not sure why.  Ah, and Jewel nails it by saying what was missing was the dark, angry side to the song. I totally agree.

The Bottom Two

It is Street Corner Rennaissance going up against The Filharmonic. I think Ten was the only stand out group of the evening, so these two against one another seems fair.

The Ultimate Sing-Off: "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

Street Corner Renaissance nails it out the gate with the doo-wop vibe of the song. The Filharmonic boy band it up and get into the groove. The approaches to the songs are so different it is distracting, but it does help to see who is better. In my opinion it is Street Corner Renaissance, but the obvious popularity of The Filharmonic will likely be an advantage.

The judges save The Filharmonic, eliminating Street Corner Renaissance. 

The next four groups will perform #1 hits on Monday at 10pm on NBC.

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