'The Sing-Off' Finale: Pentatonix, Urban Method or Dartmouth Aires -- Who Should Win?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight, The Sing-Off season 3 comes to a close, and for the first and final time of the season, America's votes will determine which of the three final groups will take home the title, and that sweet recording contract.

But we can't fault the Sing-Off judges for holding all the cards this season, because they've picked three incredible groups to headline tonight's finale (8pm on NBC): Pentatonix, the five-member group with endless vocal creativity; Dartmouth Aires, the all-male college group who are as talented as they are all-out fun; and Urban Method, the group who blend a cappella and hip hop with smooth style and flair.

Each group is different and amazing, but only one can win. Watch each group's "mastermix" performance from last week again, and then vote in our poll ahead of tonight's finale: Who should win The Sing-Off season 3?

The Dartmouth Aires: We were head over heels' for the boys' hell-raising mashup of "Born This Way" and "Sympathy for the Devil," which also mashed up this large group's biggest strengths. Drama, entertainment and two incredible, committed, chill-inducing lead vocalists ... that's Dartmouth Aires!

Pentatonix: How can five people create such a diverse and room-filling sound? With this mix of "Since U Been Gone" and "Forget You," Pentatonix once again proved that they have the creativity to arrange a truly original performance -- and the talent to deliver the hell out of it. 

Urban Method: All season long, Urban Method illustrated that whatever their "method" is of blending classic sounds with hip hop flavor, it works. This mix of "Hot in Herre" and "Fever" was polished and professional, but still unconventional and fun. 

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