'The Sing-Off' Doubles Up With Rock Hits and Guilty Pleasures
'The Sing-Off' Doubles Up With Rock Hits and Guilty Pleasures
When they give us two episodes of The Sing-Off in a week, it feels like a longer time between Wednesday and Monday, doesn't it? Tonight I am most interested to see if Committed can keep up with their level of performance and sound, as last Wednesday they emerged as early favorites. Tonight the groups are performing twice: a rock hit and a "guilty pleasure" song. But first the group number. The group fashion is all over the place tonight so it looks like it will be an interesting night.

By the way, our contest for the Sing-Off Holiday CD is still going on! Just leave a comment on last week's recap and you will be entered to win one of two CDs! The contest runs until this Wednesday.

The only thing that is not great and fun about this show is Nick Lachey as host, but he's not distractingly bad so we can overlook him easily.

The Backbeats are ready to show America their fun side, and I'm glad. They're singing "You Give Love a Bad Name" and featuring a new singer. It will either bump them up in the competition or expose some weaknesses. This is the best group fashion we've seen from them so far, and their performance is nice and and clean. They definitely had a "rock" feel. Kenton can get down, y'all! Nicole almost said something constructive about it being too fast and Ben Folds backed it up with actual comments. It looks like this performance could put The Backbeats in the bottom.

Street Corner Symphony is singing "Creep" and I'm starting to wonder if "rock hits" might just mean "songs from Rock Band and Guitar Hero," but The Sing-Off gets the benefit of the doubt. While they sound great, it's not my favorite performance and "rock hits" could turn out to be a bit of a bummer if this continues. The judges loved it, though!

I'm very curious to see how Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town do rock 'n roll. Jerry Lawson is so cool, I want to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. They're singing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and wearing pleather! LOOK AT JERRY LAWSON'S SPARKLE BELT BUCKLE! The arrangement was killer, it was so perfect and cool and them. They got a standing ovation from the other groups, the audience, and Nicole. It was mayjah.

On The Rocks seem like really nice guys, which makes me like them even more. Will we see their "transition from entertainer to artist" this week? They're singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and changed the words "red hot thong" to "red iPhone," which I'm weirdly okay with. This is a family show! Also, we get some bonus pleather in this performance. It was fun. Is Nicole's gold/mesh dress cutting off her circulation?

Where jazz meets rock, it's Groove for Thought. Tonight they're singing "Changes" by David Bowie and it's so tasty. Their lead sounded great, she messed up the lyrics a little bit almost but it was totally fine and they sounded good. Shawn didn't like that it wasn't rocky and rolly enough, they want them to change their sound/style. I disagree! Nicole is starting to creep me out.

Finally, we can listen to Committed. They're singing "Every Breath You Take," and I double love it. What makes Committed sound so great is that their group is so well balanced and they have a really smooth bass sound. Though they still sounded all smooth and nice, I liked last week's performance better. Still awesome, though! Ben Folds talked about how they might have over-thought it and Shawn Stockman agreed with him loudly. It wasn't "lonely" enough for Shawn. This week is getting tough! They're cracking down! Nicole is still scaring me.

Oooh The Backbeats are singing "Love Shack." Kenton and I live for this sh*t. It features Kenton and I could cry I love it so hard. It's more fun than it is musically tasty, but that is in the spirit of the original. Kenton was having enough fun for everyone. Ben said it was more fun and it's what they needed. I concur. Nicole said she's on Team Kenton, and for the very first time I'm on Team Nicole, which is also Team Crazy.

Street Corner Symphony has experience in the guilty pleasure category, as their lead singer used to be in a band called "The Guilty Pleasures." They're singing "Come On, Eileen" and it's sounding a lot more interesting and peppy than "Creep" (of course.) I dug it! The judges dug it, too, and this might be the performance of the night so far.

Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town didn't exactly know what a "guilty pleasure" song is, but they're singing "Easy." I guess that's okay, since an 80's song would be totally weird on them. Guilty pleasure? Maybe not, but a regular pleasure? Yes. I think I actually liked their last performance better, just because it was more fun. None of the judges criticized them for picking a regular song from the Talk of the Town book, but they sounded good enough to let it slide I guess.

Does two songs each feel like too much? Maybe Groove for Thought can change my mind with one of my favorite songs, "You Make My Dreams Come True." And who knew Nick Lachey's go-to was Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting"? Love it. They gave it their jazzy flavor and while I wasn't sold on the whole arrangement and thought it rushed a little on the front end, I liked most of it and thought it was fun. They seem to have redeemed themselves from "Changes."

On The Rocks is looking forward to showing off their artistry with "Kyrie." Can these goofballs slow it down? It looks like they're doing their best Whiffenpoofs impression for a while and while it didn't start out as strong, it ended better. Not my favorite, but not awful. It had more rock and roll than their rock hit.

Committed will close out the show with some Backstreet Boys! "I Want It That Way" is so cheesy and I'm looking forward to them making it sound good. They're dedicating it to Nicole, so let's hope she's still awake. It's hard to believe there's only six of them, it sounds like so many more. They're doing some boy band moves and the audience loves it. It's rushing a little and not the richest vocal performance but I guess that doesn't matter. It was goofy fun. My favorite part was when Nick Lachey acknowledged that he was in 98 Degrees. And RISING! Nicole is ready for her Ambien nap.

Now for an elimination! This one isn't very clear because at this point I don't feel like there's a clear front-runner anymore, nor do I feel like there's a group that's clearly in the bottom after both performances. The first two groups who are safe are Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town and Street Corner Symphony. That's good, I thought SCS had a solid night. The next two teams to move forward are Committed and The Backbeats (really?). So it's down to Groove for Thought and On The Rocks. Awww. In the end, Groove For Thought is eliminated. Boooo! I'm all sad and grumpy about it.

On the next show, each group will sing twice again: superstar medleys and the judges' choice. At the end of the night, only three will advance! Then America will vote (blehhh) to choose the Sing-Off champions.

(image and video courtesy of NBC)