BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Keeping It Real with Reality TV's Stars
I know, I know, this article's title doesn't make much sense. "What's so real about reality TV?" you might ask. "It's fake situations involving not-so-fake people. I don't watch that sort of thing!"

And yet we still do, which explains why Heidi Montag remains as (supposedly) relevant as ever. It's also the reason why we watch the Kardashians make an issue out of birth control. And also the reason why Team Cupcake exists. And why we hate Rachel on Big Brother. And why Paris Hilton survived that sex tape and managed to run for president of the United States.

So, today's quiz is all about the stars that reality TV made. You know, the people that have made so much of an impression, we tend to see them in multiple reality shows (again, Heidi Montag). The people whose lives, real or fake, prove to be so fascinating we can't stop watching them.

Come on, don't hide under the shadows -- answer the quiz!

And speaking of reality stars, check out our quiz on Monday night's The Bachelorette finale. if you're Team Cupcake, you'll love it. Well, we hope you do.

(Images courtesy of CBS, MTV and Bravo)