'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Recap: Summer School Daze
'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Recap: Summer School Daze
Ben was caught red-handed with his smoked-out new girlfriend last week and will now have to face the repercussions. Meanwhile, everyone has come to recognize the virtues of going to summer school. Everyone, except Ricky of course. But Amy is adamant that it's what's best for her and John, as well as for Ricky as he begins college.

Grace Pulls a 180

Grace asked her mom last week if she could move in with Adrian while they both attend summer school, but wasn't allowed. It didn't stop her though and she's there to greet Adrian with some morning muffins along with her luggage. Adrian seems to have taken on more than she bargained for, but her trepidation could also be because Omar is in her room at the moment. Grace and Adrian reiterate the pact that they would be boy-free through summer school, but Omar is stanchly against lying and spills the beans. Grace feels betrayed and wants to go to Medcamp and have her mother be none-the-wiser to anything else. Daniel gets in the way though when Grace's mom calls him and learns everything her daughter has been up to.

Ben Gets Busted ... Again

Ben finally has to face the heat from his dad about his marijuana session. He's sentenced to a loss of cell phone and computer privileges, along with surprise! Summer school!! Ben is at first obstinate to the ruling, but finally acquiesces after he's threatened with a hearty spanking. Across town, Dylan is meeting with her mom about what a rotten choice she made in her pursuit of Ben. She defends him and assures her mom that he's not a drug addict, despite him being so skinny. Once she's alone, she has the freedom to call Ben, who secretly has Alice's phone. Unfortunately, Ben's dad catches wind of his scheme and winds up getting him in even more hot water than before.

Summer School Gets Off to a Rocky Start

The first day of summer school is finally upon us and it delivers quite a bit of confrontation. Henry and Alice can't bear the sight of each other. Ben and Adrian find some rare common ground over his verbal sparring with Amy and Grace discovers that MedCamp is no longer going to accept her as a student and summer school is her only option. Also her mother will soon be no longer accepting her in the house, so Adrian is her only option on that front as well. All of this commotion winds up getting the entire class detention. Amy is pulled out of class for something that concerns Ethan.

Jack makes an impassioned plea to Grace for her to give him another chance to explore his love for her. Grace seems to be in a vulnerable position that enables her to be more receptive to the idea than she has previously. Ben tells his dad the truth about the pot incident and that he is in love with Dylan, which seems wildly sudden. He pledges that he won't be deterred from seeing her, no matter what punishments he might face. Ethan winds up getting suspended for trying to make a move on Madison. The kid shoots for the stars.

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