'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Ben Gets Busted
'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Ben Gets Busted
In the wake of last season's kiss-filled finale, our beloved teen heroes set off on the next chapter of their lives and must decide how their long-lasting relationships will transform with them. We've waited months already; why should I waste any more time before getting to the details of season 5's premiere?

Ben's Got Himself a Hot Date

The mandatory montage filling everyone in on what happened throughout the last season concludes and we open on Ben talking with his new sweetheart, Dylan. They share some tooth-achingly sweet repartee before both getting interrogated by their respective parents. Leo only has to do some light persuading to get his son to ask her out, while Dylan's parents aren't as keen on the idea of their daughter dating a guy with the kind of baggage Ben carries. Despite that, the two lovebirds have it set for Ben to meet her parents on their first date; what could go wrong?

Conversational Catch-Up Session

Dylan dishes with her gal pals, including Daniel's ex-girlfriend Raven, filling them in on Ben's ongoing divorce and the loss of his and Adrian's child. All this is overheard by Dylan's eavesdropping mom, but to this point, the two parents seem to be a couple of bumblers. Raven shows a take-charge, confrontational personality as she tells Dylan to go get what she wants, just as she plans to do by using a picture of Grace and Jack kissing at the party.

Elsewhere, the two other philanderers of last season hope to find some common ground. Madison reaches out to Henry hoping that they can form a bond based on the fact they both slept with someone else's loved one (he with Adrian and she with Jesse). It's her hope that together the two can take on the daunting challenges that apparently await them at summer school.

Next up, Adrian and Grace fill each other in on the dirty dealings they did the night before. But it's merely a prelude to the stand-off between Henry and Ben. Ben is furious, but is unwilling to allow any blame to be placed on Adrian. He forbids Henry from ever coming back to his house.

Ben Gets High and Grace Gets Low

Dylan and her friends come over to Ben's and fire some light jabs about his room's decor, but the real reason they seem to be there is to fire up a doobie. Their liberal use of the dated word "pot" made me feel comfortable dusting off an even more lame term for smoking weed. Ben passes on grass, but his new infatuation seems all too eager to indulge. Meanwhile, Daniel has the picture of his girlfriend's impropriety and his mind is made up. He dumps Grace and tells her that he will never trust her again.

The Moral of Tonight's Story Is -- Summer School Rocks!!!

Adrian makes an impassioned plea to get Grace to take classes with her, and the school's roster is quickly filling up. Additionally, Adrian convinces Grace's mom to let her daughter move in with her, so that they can help each other stay away from guys. This doesn't seem like a very sound strategy to me, but it should mean plenty of drama to come.

In the blink of an eye, Amy is talking about going to summer school, too. They're going to have to hire more teachers at this rate. Amy and Ricky again discuss her hesitance at planning their impending wedding, but Amy has thought about it and is ready to set a target date of June. The episode ends with Dylan's parents walking in on their daughter and Ben toking up in his room and they are none too pleased.

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