'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Recap: Get Out of Town
'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Recap: Get Out of Town

Tonight on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Amy made a decision, Adrian's parents learned the truth and pretty much everything else was filler. It was a lean episode so it'll be a quick rundown.

We begin with Ben and his dad both brooding over the news about Adrian. Betty tries to console them both and she does make points with her thought that things could be worse. I suppose this is true, but still, that isn't going to make the next few weeks any easier.

Ben's dad decided that he should tell Adrian's dad the truth, who in turn told Adrian's mom and I'm glad, because no one should have to deal with a pregnancy all alone, let alone a teenaged girl.

In other news, Amy's wacky counselor admits that she lied a little about the music program in New York. Turns out it starts tomorrow and Amy's going, all she has to do is rally the troops. This led to a pointless montage of everyone in the series delivering their thoughts straight to camera. If I was Amy, I'd be suspicious that so many people said, go, go, go. Not a one wanted her to stay, stay, stay, except maybe George.

So as of next week, it's moving day on The Secret Life. Amy is going to New York for four weeks, Ricky is moving in to her room to help take care of John and Jack is moving in with someone, but we still aren't sure who. Betty has moved into Ben's house and even Tom is talking about moving into the haunted guest house after he gets married. Tom is my favorite character on the show. Here's kudos to Luke Zimmerman, he delivers a joke like nobody else. "In this economy!?"

That's about it. . . except for one thing. Did you notice how much repetition there was in this week's episode? The show is always a little heavy-handed when it comes to pounding home a point, but this week it seemed like the repetition was by design. Come back here tomorrow when we'll take a closer look at what I like to call "repetition times two" on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

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