The Secret Life of the American Teenager: More Ratings News
The Secret Life of the American Teenager: More Ratings News
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It appears like The Secret Life of the American Teenager is no longer a secret, as it registered an even more significant jump in viewers this week, with some 3.6 million viewers tuning in.  The ABC Family drama is so far the network's highest-rating show.

And as the CW teen drama The Gossip Girl practically made a sweep at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday, critics point out that the 3.6 million viewers posted by The Secret Life is better than any single episode of Gossip Girl.

To the loyal fans of the sometimes controversial drama, however, do not despair as The Secret Life won something - choice summer TV show.

Upon its debut last July 1, it garnered 2.8 million viewers.  The first episode was the second-highest rated among ABC Family's original telecasts as well.  It was a negligible thousand away from Kyle XY's first season finale, which drew in 2.9 million. And on its third week, The Secret Life has been ABC's most-watched original series ever.

And the Los Angeles Times noticed a ratings trend spurred by The Secret Life, too.

Consider these figures: four of the top five shows on network TV this summer are reality programs, while eight out of the 10 most-watched programs on ad-supported cable are scripted dramas.  This, the LA Times argue, is where the audience is split.

In other words, those who are suckers for reality shows, the definition of which have blurred over the years, go with the broadcast networks, while viewers who opt for scripted series have gone to cable channels.  And in an interesting development, the gap between the two has started to ebb.

The drama series airs on Tuesdays, 8pm on ABC Family.  It stars Shailene Woodley as the girl who gets pregnant.  The show has constantly received flak for supposedly failing to delve deeper into the real issue of teen pregnancy.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: LA Times, Courant
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