'Secret Life of the American Teenager' High Five: 'Don't Go in There'
'Secret Life of the American Teenager' High Five: 'Don't Go in There'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager, "Don't Go in There."

Adrian plans to return to school and possibly reconcile things with her husband. Ricky tries to get into a college, but he has a history with the woman in charge of admissions that she's not willing to look beyond.

High Five Highlights:

5. Adrian's Been Bulking Up: All those weeks that Adrian spent sitting around wallowing her sorrows in sweets did have one benefit -- it appears she's packing a stronger punch now. Ben returns home to find that she's done some redecorating to the walls of the nursery. He sees this as the final straw to leave the house for good. Either that or he just wants to get his stuff before he has to risk getting roughed up by her.

4. Back to School: Ben makes the bold proclamation that he and Adrian are NEVER going to do anything stupid again. Given this show's track record for character foibles, this promise won't last too long. In fact, you could argue it didn't last 30 seconds because Adrian comes sauntering into school pretending that their relationship is as rock solid as ever.

3. Adrian is Crazier Than You Ever Thought: ...And apparently that's a good thing? At least the high school's counselor seemed pretty content with hearing that news. Adrian punctuated a trip to the counselor's office with the declaration that she was stronger and crazier than anyone ever thought. She showcases that newfound craziness by concocting some elaborate tale about how Ben ended up passed out due to food poisoning. All in all the conversation ended in a smile from both women, so all appears to be good.

2. Call Her CarCar: Carlie Carmichael is the admissions director at the community college Ricky wants to attend, but she makes it crystal clear that he won't be able to go to school there without some sexual favors in return. Ricky makes the case that he has high SAT scores and a good GPA so it seems to me the counselor is bound to suspect some suspicious may be afoot.

1. Counselor to the Rescue: Ricky receives a call from the high school counselor asking if Carlie's claims that she tried to have sex with her are true or not. For some reason, this leads him to freak out and feel persecuted instead of just telling her the truth about what happened. He storms out on Amy and presumably to go lay the law down with CarCar.


- Which girl -- Adrian or CarCar -- poses the biggest threat to Amy and Ricky?

- Is Jack going to help Grace hatch her plan to sneak out of the house?

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