'The Secret Circle' Recap: Death Isn't the End
'The Secret Circle' Recap: Death Isn't the End
Did I just watch The Secret Circle? I mean, I think I just did but I'm having trouble associating this awesome, twisty episode with The Secret Circle.


RIP Grandmother Jane. We hardly knew you. Seriously: you were out of town a lot, or brainwashed by Charles or working at ... a hospital? Yeah, let's go with a hospital. But in those moments where you were on screen, you shined. You were the coolest, most BA grandmother since Gilmore Girls. That is the highest compliment I can give.

The start of the episode gave my sympathies to Cassie. But this is Cassie we are talking about, so it won't be long until she loses my sympathies. Still, this year she's lost her mother, her grandmother, her virginity, her boyfriend, her goodness -- all to magic. And she gained a long-last daddy, a half-sister/BFF, people trying to kill her, and evil dark magic. It hasn't really balanced out for her. And her dad killed her grandmother.

Naturally, she's pissed. Cassie wants to destroy the witch hunters. But first, she needs to attack her ex-boyfriend/star-crossed-loser. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile, everyone else at the wake is trying to pretend like they care. Diana is reeling with the news that her daddy ain't her daddy; Melissa's doing ... something; Adam's emotionally constipated after Cassie kisses him; and Faye and Jake want to get high. Those two.

Faye and Jake fakeout Dawn in order to steal a hefty pill bottle; then, they hookup because, well, it's Faye. But guess what is in that bottle? One of the two remaining crystals. Boo-yah.

One of the many things I enjoy about Diana is that she just rips off the band-aid: so, Blackwell claims he's my daddy and I think he might be right. Charles' reaction is priceless; he's blown away with it. But this conversation is really honest and frank; Charles and Elizabeth had a rough patch for a few weeks. Blackwell was just a horny twenty something out to impregnate a bunch of teenagers. It happens.

I like that scene though. Charles is a monster, but Diana is his only tether. Charles then makes Diana promise not to interact with Blackwell. Luckily, Diana's pretty smart and follows that advice.

Later, Charles bitch-slaps Blackwell in public for fathering his daughter; that sentence makes sense! Charles, despite being one, is no fool. Blackwell won't continue with their brawl because if something happens to Charles later, there is a crowd witnessing Blackwell pummel Charles. Charles is a coward, but he's been around this long. He's into self-preservation. He and Diana will say goodbye to Chance Harbor.

That gets into Blackwell's plan, master plan, making-it-up-as-he-goes-along plan, though. He enlists Dawn's help in exchange to give her powers again. His plan is something like eliminate witch hunters, eliminate the elders. Eliminate is such a funny euphemism, John. It's possible this is his plan, master plan, making-it-up-as-he-goes-along plan or some other type of plan. Who knows?

Dawn manipulates Charles' fear about Blackwell stealing the children away to convince Charles to stay and fight. Blackwell's taking Faye away, she understands. Except, Dawn's never shown that much of an interest in Faye (we at least know Charles loves Diana), but I'll forget Charles' clear overlook since he isn't too bright.


Adam's crystal is the only one still missing; it doesn't even appear with a locator spell. Adam and Melissa -- the OTP of platonic friendships on this show--search Adam's house and devise a  drinking game. I think the show started its own drinking game; impressive.

Drunk is Adam at his most useful: he finds a framed coin and remembers his grandfather's magic trick. The first try? He awesomely fails at the magic trick. He figures it out, but fails to uncloak it. HE WOULD. But he isn't completely dumb, since he sketches the invisible coin on a drawing and says the inscription, lighting up a hidden panel. It is full of random stuff and dirty magazines (Melissa's delivery of Master Elder was hilarious).

Later, the two and Blackwell use the map to find where the last crystal is: the high school.


There are two camps emerging this episode: Team Blackwell and Team Suspicious. Team Blackwell is Cassie, Diana is Team Suspicious; both are looking for allies.

Diana makes everything she is dealing with this episode look easy; she just admits she's the other Blackwell Brat. As everyone digests that, Diana drops another bombshell: she won't be using dark magic nor doing anything bad.

Oh, then a table starts seizing in circles as the crystal sucks into the table, and disappears. Cassie wants to bring in Blackwell, but Diana is appropriately suspicious; even if these suspicions are brought forth by Charles. It's a little silly that everything they do must be reported back to that man.

Besides, they were a circle before Blackwell. Interestingly, Diana really brought it together; now that she also is powerful and holds great magic, will she take the leadership away from Cassie? Probably not, since she wants to be normal. Rant aside, they plan to meet witch hunter Isaac in the woods. Too bad, because Isaac's dead; instead, pig-faced mask man Ian shows up.

Cassie's rage succumbs, enough to hurt this pathetic man. When she does dark magic, Cassie can't hear any reason; it is one of the nice formal aspects of this show. Diana yells at her to stop it because she has dark magic but would never use it. Not like Cassie. They don't say that but it's implied.

I Hate Carnivals

A Carnival. Rain. Creepy. It never is not creepy. This show finds some really amazing sets to shoot at. Jake suggests splitting up: Blackwell Brats vs. Hookup Hos. Jake and Faye stroll to a nearby working ride where they find Ian, the dead witch hunter. Yeah, take his pulse Jake. His throat is only slit. More dead bodies pop up as the ride continues.

The Traitor Witch will kill anyone, apparently. In another example of stupid, Jake suggests following the path of blood. Conveniently, they meet Cassie and Diana, fresh from a silly little sisterly squabble.

See, Cassie criticizes Diana for not embracing dark magic and acting above it. Fair point, sort of. Cassie justifies it because it saves everyone and she doesn't have many people left in her life. It sounds reasonable. Almost. Because Diana understands that killing is wrong, that it is not right. It makes me appreciate Diana as a character so much more. She wants no part in it. Luckily, her influence stops Cassie from killing the Traitor Witch. Who happens to be...

That. Did. Not. Look. Like. Him. What? Nick is alive. I've wanted him back all season and I quietly thought the show might do this. Hurray!

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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