'The Secret Circle' Best Tweets: 'Masked'
'The Secret Circle' Best Tweets: 'Masked'
BOO!!! It's Halloween on The Secret Circle. What do witches wear to a Halloween party? Obviously, they don't go as witches, it's an offensive stereotype. The witches in Chance Harbor aren't green, don't carry a broomstick, or have warts. Secret Circle witches dress up as sexy bees, schoolgirls, or Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Hope there aren't any witch hunters crashing our Halloween parties. But before you head off to the mall for your costume, here are the best tweets from "Masked." 

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#10. krazy4JMac
Halloween on #TheSecretCircle but isn't it Halloween all the time on this show?? I mean, it's about witches.....lol

#9. FloeticFlo
Cassie should just stay away from cars. She always has witch-related car problems.  

#8: lucchaser
Mr. Mascara, I hope u got ur mascara back from that secretly crazy chick u now call ur ex #TheSecretCircle.
#7. aboveyou_isDW
One thing I don't like about #TheSecretCircle is that the only thing interesting are the witches adversaries!

#6. Crowhaven_Road
The sign entering Chance Harbor should say "Trust No One." 

#5. caseyemma2
#thesecretcircle is like watching a scary Movie every Thursday night.

#4. KENNx_
That's right Cassie Blake from #THESECRETCIRCLE ... Don't ever trust a guy with an American apparel. 

#3. whal510
Black Girl Always Dies First.

#2. xUnshakeablex
How is everyone so oblivious and clueless on this show? 

#1. vampyvixen27
Well it looks like Cassie is a BAMF! 

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