FOX's 'The Return of Jezebel James' Premieres Tonight
FOX's 'The Return of Jezebel James' Premieres Tonight
Fans of Six Feet Under alum Lauren Ambrose should tune in to FOX tonight, as the actress makes her television comeback on the new comedy series, The Return of Jezebel James.  Starring alongside Ambrose is Parker Posey, who most recently appeared on the big screen as Lex Luthor's right hand woman Kitty Kowalski in Superman Returns.

To find out what's in store for viewers in The Return of Jezebel James' one-hour series premiere, read on for a preview.

In the first half of tonight's premiere, Sarah (Posey), an optimistic and successful children's book editor, seeks help from her estranged and free-spirited younger sister, Coco (Ambrose) when she finds out that she is unable to conceive a child.  Coco decides to give it a try and moves out of her friend's apartment and into Sarah's spacious apartment, only to realize that she will be staying at a dismal unfinished bedroom.

In the second half, entitled "Frankenstein Baby," Coco continues to get surprised by Sarah, who not only buys her sister a Hello Kitty cellphone, but also has mom (Dianne Wiest) and dad (Ron McLarty) drop by for a visit; both of which take a turn for the worse.

After tonight's hour-long broadcast, The Return of Jezebel James will air at its regular 8:30pm Friday timeslot.

The Return of Jezebel James is a traditional sitcom from Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of the highly successful drama Gilmore Girls.  Sherman-Palladino believes the best sitcoms are about ordinary people, and that the best sitcom actors are the ones who are capable of making the characters believable and relatable.

"If you know what the emotional base of a scene is, you're going to find the joke," Sherman-Palladino said.  "It's there."

Casting Ambrose and Posey was easy since the actresses fit naturally into their respective roles

"Lauren is an incredible actress, and yet her comedy is so different from Parker's,” Sherman-Palladino said.  “The balance is just right.  It's like a dream.  It really is a dream.  It makes our lives so much easier."

Catch the one-hour series premiere of The Return of Jezebel James, airing tonight at 8pm on FOX.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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