'The Challenge: Rivals' High Five: 'Ill Communication'
'The Challenge: Rivals' High Five: 'Ill Communication'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Ill Communication."

Tonight's episode is a female elimination and thus the intensity of interest is ramped down a great deal. The guys celebrate by relaxing around the pool watching the majority of the girls in the house skinny dipping.

High Five Highlights:

5. Keep Your Mic On!!: Where in the world did this come from? Jasmine inexplicably gets into a fight with Jonna, but in the middle of it she rips off her mic pack and storms out. The way Wes reacted from the sight of seeing her tearing off her mic pack, it made me wonder if we got a glimpse into some secret 'Real World' code of honor. He definitely sounded like there was no turning back from a step like that.

4. Katelynn is a Laughing Stock: I'll go ahead and admit this right now, I never understand what the hell they're supposed to be doing in these challenges. I especially don't understand why in this season full of ways to disqualify yourself - flipping the boat over tonight isn't grounds for immediate disqualification. Nevertheless, I don't have to understand the rules to enjoy watching Katelynn get mad that Sarah dare to question her extreme lack of athletic ability. Their performance puts them in good shape to go to the jungle so hopefully that means much more Katelynn sass.

3. Adam is Snuggling a 14: Adam described Jenn as a "fourteen" earlier in the episode and then he gets his wish fulfilled by snuggling with her in his bed. However, she leaves after Leroy's snoring becomes too much to take, but she extends a secondary offer to have him over to her bed. The unfortunate thing is that Adam is legitimately attracted to her on a personal level, which will only end in heartache.

2. Yeah, Yeah Whatever Sarah, You Think TJ Doesn't Know About Digging?: TJ makes an impromptu visit to the house to ask for one player from each of the teams due up in the jungle this time around. Sarah says that Katelynn should do it and gives her lots of last-minute encouragement that is mocked by everyone in the house. It turns out all she had to do was stand in a box buried under a bunch of hay.

1. Unburied: This is the first jungle competition where it seems both teams are evenly matched and the obstacle is actually interesting. First of all, it was a stroke of blind, genius luck that Katelynn wasn't asked to do Sarah's part in this challenge. Sarah was digging through mountains of hay and dirt, even picking the wrong pile initially and by doing so did a lot of the work for Jonna. But the luck wasn't enough to keep tonight from being the season's first real upset as Jonna and Jasmine pulled it out, much to the delight of CT for some reason. Questions:

- Does some of the guys in the house's respect level for Katelynn have a twinge of underlying bigotry due to her being transgendered?

- Why was CT so pumped for Jonna and Jasmine getting the win?

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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