'The Challenge: Rivals' High Five: 'Underdog Day Afternoon'
'The Challenge: Rivals' High Five: 'Underdog Day Afternoon'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Underdog Day Afternoon."

This week's episode was teased very effectively by showing Mike Mike suffering a big foul and making a ridiculously wimpy whine about the pain. CT starts to turn up the pressure on Wes and makes Adam start to wonder how long they can stick around.

High Five Highlights:

5. Evelyn and Paula Are in Charge: Every one of the girl's teams seem to be ramping up their strategy. Paula and Evelyn have benefited from winning the first jungle, and they can only be helped by the internal doubts expressed by Cara Maria about her relationship with Laurel. CT starts to erupt in the way we were all hoping for as Wes gets more than he bargained for from all his stupid macho head games.

4. Down Goes Mike Mike: First of all, the rules are explained for this week's challenge and yet again there's convoluted rules that could lead to disqualifications. Laurel and Cara Maria do just that, but the best part was seeing a faint image in the background of TJ just watching them break the rules. Leroy and Mike go next and sure enough Mike falls face first to the water with Leroy crashing on top of him. He was gasping and swimming and circles, but there's still no excuse for me to ever be able to see Mike Mike's bare ass through the water.

3. Adam and CT Dominate Again: I'm finding a serious problem about how this season is set up. There is a distinct lack of interest in my opinion when I know that the guys are not really playing for anything every other week. I highly doubt that despite my prayers, CT and I are going to take that two grand he won and go out for a nice steak dinner together. Evan and all of that clan's minions make mention of how they have a problem if CT is going to win every time, but then it kicks in that they don't have a problem this week. Camila and Theresa are chosen to face Laurel and Cara Maria.

2. Theresa Wants to Quit: There's one thing that stands the test of time throughout the entire illustrious 'Challenge' lineage: TJ Lavin will put up with a lot, but he will not tolerate quitters. Theresa floats the strange idea that she wants to quit rather than taking out Laurel so that she can stick around and stop Paula from winning. Later they reveal that it was all an act to try to get Cara Maria and Laurel to underestimate them. I have to say, it's an interesting change of pace from a game that's strategy usually just comes down to who has more friends.

1. Door Jam: Laurel makes a good point about how I feel as a viewer, I'm not interested in seeing people do puzzles nearly as much as I am doing something physical. It does turn out to be more of a physically taxing and interesting obstacle especially given the fact that one of the teams seems legitimately surprised they're facing opposition. But for the third straight week, the underdog team is sent home in convincing fashion.


- Do you have a problem with Theresa and Camila's strategy to deceive their opponents?

- What do you think of this season's format of alternating boy girl challenges each week?

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