Exclusive Interview: Devyn and Katelyn of 'The Real World: Brooklyn'
Exclusive Interview: Devyn and Katelyn of 'The Real World: Brooklyn'
Let it be known that I am absolutely in love with the cast of The Real World: Brooklyn.  The new season of MTV's hit reality show premieres this January, with 8 strangers moving into an amazing apartment in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn in New York City.  Earlier this month, BuddyTV was invited to the house for a tour and to meet up with all of the cast members.  If you think you know The Real World, think again.  Where as, in recent seasons, the cast is comprised of people who love to party, pick fights for no reason, and basically do nothing with their lives, the people of Brooklyn are quite another story.  They are intelligent, driven, interesting people who are looking to not only make a difference in their lives, but the lives of others.  As we lead up to the premiere, BuddyTV will be helping you get to know the roomies better in our series of exclusive interviews from The Real World: Brooklyn house.  Today, let's get a little bit closer to Devyn and Katelyn!

Tell me how you two ended up becoming roommates this season.

Devyn: Well, I actually was one of the first ones in the house with Chet and in coming in this room, it was my favorite room instantly. I was like, "This bed... I don't care who else is gonna be in here... but this is gonna be mine." Then, what happened next?

Katelyn: Scott and I arrived third in the house and I guess Baya, being one of the only other girls... 'cause we didn't know what the mix was gonna be when we first arrived... Baya's like, "Okay, there's another girl in the house. Let me room with you," but when I came in and I met Devyn, we had a rapport instantly! We connected and we were like, "Wow, this is someone who reminds me of my friends back home," so I kind of evicted Baya from this room.

Devyn: Yes, you pretty much did! On the first day, she was like, "Oh Baya, you put your stuff in here, okay, that's great. I'm gonna take this bed."

Katelyn: Yeah, yeah. Pretty much. So that was kinda cool and it worked out so well, like, the room arrangements in the entire house worked out so great for everyone. Everyone found a personality instantly that wound up working well for them, as far as roommates go.

Devyn, did doing pageants help prepare you for this at all because I know you did Miss America Teen and you met people from all over the country. Did that help you for this?

Devyn: I'd definitely say doing pageants really helps you in life. People think it's such a joke but it teaches you interview skills. I mean, you can walk in and get a job very easily, which I was able to do while I was here in the show, and just how to carry yourself and kind of be in the spotlight, be watched. You are when you're competing. You're being watched by the judges. I definitely think it helps in this situation and I would say, I'm definitely the roommate that is most image conscious, not just like physically but I am the kind of person... even when I am drinking, they tease me. If I am more intoxicated than I usually would be, I still am sitting there prim and proper and I'm like, "Okay, I'm drunk. Okay. Wait. What am I doing? Alright. Don't do that." I'm the one that is always like, "Watch your image. What what you're doing. Avoid the very appearance of evil." So I definitely think my pageant history kind of came into play here.

Katelyn: I am the other antithesis of that. I've always been more curious than cautious so where she will be like, "Don't do this, don't do this," I'm like, "I don't care! I'm gonna have fun! I'm out here to have fun!" And I do.

What was your primary career goal, coming out to New York for the show?

Katelyn: I honestly didn't have one. I'm an aspiring writer but that's been my passion forever. I have a professional background in information technology and computer systems. I didn't really have any career aspirations out here but I am an activist within the gay and lesbian community, within the LGBT community, so I furthered that work when I was out here.

Devyn: My main career goals obviously... I was a double major in theater performance and music studies so entertainment is my heart. It has been literally since I could walk and talk. I came out really hoping to pursue that but I was fortunate enough to stumble across something in design and fashion. Because I did pageants, my mom and I used to design clothes together because I didn't want to be seen and doing appearances wearing things that people already had. I'm public relations director for a fashion design company called Jovani Fashions and they do everything from prom dresses to couture gowns, couture separates and that kind of thing. I'm transitioning into their spokesmodel, which is great. I get to do a little bit of everything there and it's a great paying job so I get to stay in the city. While I was here, I also did some performing with local bands around the city. I even did a little rapping and writing. I wrote some songs and that kind of thing so I definitely want to pursue the acting and singing thing while I'm here. You'll see more of me guaranteed. Guaranteed.

Katelyn, am I right in saying that they're letting you guys just sort of pursue what you want to this season instead of telling you what to do for a career?

Katelyn: That's pretty dead on and I think it's interesting how every single one of the personalities in this house, every single one of the housemates, is ambitious and driven in their goals and paths in life. None of us are lazy or lethargic in that area. You're gonna see 8 people who all have wildly different desires, as far as career and community work, and we all pursue them vehemently. We are probably nothing like what you've seen before.

Devyn, the show you guys being very supportive of each other, getting along very well in the premiere episode. Is this a group that you're proud to have done the show with this season?

Devyn: I definitely would say this is a group I'm proud to have done the show with this season because it's one of those things... it's a gamble. Obviously, if you would've taken one of us out and added someone else, the experience would've been completely different. Everything happens for a reason. I mean, that's the gamble that we took. Although we may not always get along, and some people are closer than others, it's still one of those things. It's like the Mafia. Once you're in, you're in and you can appreciate that because it would not have been the same and wherever we go from here, we wouldn't have bene able to get there without this experience and this specific dynamic of people.

Katelyn, any pressure to represent transgendered people well this season?

Katelyn: Yes, actually. I came on here for the specific purpose of doing that. We are under-represented completely in the media. So yes, I felt like I had to be the voice of a community and I feel like I've done a good job with that.

I know they started this year with Isis on Top Model and now you. Isis said, during Top Model, that in the bathrooms, that there was no privacy and that was a problem for her. I know she's pre-op. For you, the lack of privacy in the bathrooms - was it a problem at all or did you not mind?

Katelyn: No, I didn't mind at all. I think it's gonna come across that I am very comfortable in my own skin.

Devyn: Yeah, you'll see some things in the bathroom that... yeah.

Katelyn: I'm very comfortable in my own skin. I think it's interesting that you bring up Isis and other trans people in the media. With them, it's more of an issue of, "Well, I'm here for this competition and oh, I happen to be trans." With me, it's quite the opposite. This is about my story, my life and the life of a trans person.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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