'The Real L Word' Season 3 Preview Guide: East Meets West
'The Real L Word' Season 3 Preview Guide: East Meets West
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Last season on The Real L Word, Whitney made a declaration of love and chose Sarah, while Cori and Kacy attempted for another insemination. While the new season will likely  continue with previous storylines, fans can expect  brand new adventures as the Showtime series pits together "L.A. Glam vs. Brooklyn cool" through old and new faces. 

What to Expect from The Real L Word Season 3: 

The new season of The Real L Word divides its time between Los Angeles and New York, giving the series a chance to show off new stories, new backdrops and of course, new cast members. Get to know the cast of season 3 below based on the network's official descriptions:

Meet the L.A. Cast

Whitney: "Whitney, our resident celesbian, is still an untamed lover of life... and girls. An undeniable woman-magnet, her world is a complicated web of friends and exes... and exes who are friends. Due to her ever-growing fan base, Whitney has put her special effects makeup projects on hold, and has been focusing on appearances and promoting her monthly girl party, Juicy. But by far her biggest challenge is Sara -- the temptress Whitney just can't seem to resist, despite her friends' warnings."

Sara: "Sara  is a fashionista, stylist, and former party girl who struggles with her tumultuous relationship with Whitney, as well as with the decision of whether or not to move back to New York City. Will Whitney be able to trust Sara's fickle heart or will the passion they once felt for one another finally fade for good?" 

Kacy: "Kacy has been married to Cori since July of 2008, and together they are focusing their efforts on starting a family. But navigating the confusing, scary, and often expensive path of conception hasn't been easy for this young couple."

Cori: "Cori and Kacy were married in July of 2008, and are now committed to starting a family. Cori eagerly took on the role of carrying the pregnancy, but is realizing conception is a much more trying and emotional process than she originally anticipated." 

Romi: "A woman constantly on the go, Romi's sobriety has given her the clarity and focus to develop and promote her own jewelry line, Casa Por Vida. But she isn't stopping there; Romi is also exploring opportunities in the music industry and nurturing a new hosting career. Once close friends and occasional lovers, Romi has had a falling out with Whitney, believing Sara to be the cause of it. Will Romi be able to steer clear of the drama by continuing to focus on her work and ever-changing love life?"

Lauren: "Claiming LA as the hub of the lesbian scene in America, Lauren and her friends are having a wild time in the middle of it all. But when Lauren's best-friend-with-benefits, Amanda, arrives on her doorstep after moving from NY, everything changes. Will Lauren be able to keep her emotions at bay as she navigates their non-relationship?"

Meet the Brooklyn Cast

Amanda: "Amanda's making the move to the West Coast to reunite with her BFF and partner-in-crime, Lauren. At home in high society, Amanda won't hesitate to call out anyone who doesn't make the grade. A high-energy jet-setter and true New Yorker at heart, Amanda finds it difficult to jive with the relaxed SoCal attitude."

Kiyomi: "Kiyomi is an ultra-cool, heartbreaking rock star at the center of her girl band, Hunter Valentine. A natural leader, Kiyomi is extremely stubborn and fiercely committed to the band that she believes is on the brink of making it big. Along with bandmates Laura, Vero, and Somer, Kiyomi is trying to balance a relationship at home with the demands of a rock star lifestyle."

Somer: "Somer is having trouble trying to live a "normal" life of domestication, babies, and owning property with her new wife, while staying on the adrenaline-and-whiskey-infused rock star train that is her all-lesbian punk band. Since angsty Somer was voted by friends as "most likely to break a bottle at a bar," it's easy to see her conundrum. The newest member of Hunter Valentine is still struggling to figure out where she fits in this band of Alpha females, but insists on having fun while she's doing it." 

Just to give you an idea how crazy the new season could be, watch the trailer then hit the comments and tell us what you think!

The Real L Word kicks off its third season on Thursday, July 12 at 10pm on Showtime. Be sure to set a reminder using the BuddyTV App!

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