'The Real Housewives of Potomac' Recap: Are Charisse and Karen Ready to Mend Fences?
'The Real Housewives of Potomac' Recap: Are Charisse and Karen Ready to Mend Fences?
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, titled "The Grand Dame Sham," the women seemingly mend fences during the end of their trip to Bermuda. Once they arrive home, however, Ashley finds out that Michael has demoted her role in the restaurant, and Karen has moved out of the beloved zip code, prompting some big questions from the women.

Do Charisse and Karen Patch Things Up?

Robyn recaps her transgression with Karen to Charisse and Ashley, fueling Charisse's disdain for the grand dame of Potomac. It's Charisse's day to plan the vacation activity, taking the girls on a sunset cruise, effectively trapping all the women on the high seas. It seems that Karen's intervention has fixed the open wounds between Gizelle and Monique who are all buddy-buddy on Charisse's cruise. Robyn, taking her therapist's words to heart, opens herself up to one of the men on the boat as a gentleman caller. Karen's refusal to invite all the women to the sailing expedition still reverberates between the women, leading Charisse and Karen to confront the elephant in the room, with Karen offering a weak apology, fixing nothing between the two of them. 

The women start taking sides between Karen and Charisse, with the majority seemingly siding with Charisse -- with the exception of Monique. The shade is being thrown, with the women attacking each other's net worth and Charisse honing in on Karen moving out of Potomac. Karen realizes that this has gone on too far, so she takes it upon herself to salvage the years-long friendship between her and Charisse and bury the hatchet. After that, the trip takes on a more lighthearted tone, with the women sipping and giggling with each other over some chicken wings.

The Women Return Home

The ladies return home to their hallowed zip code, all in one piece. Robyn goes right to her therapist to tell her about her taking those baby steps toward moving on while on vacation, which seems to have prompted her to solidify her true divorce from Juan. Ashley comes home to find out that Michael is demoting her role in the restaurant, adding more stress to a marriage that seems to be cracking more and more.

The ladies all attend a get-together at Charisse's to celebrate the unveiling of her champagne room. As Monique finally closes on her house in Potomac, it comes to light that Karen has moved out of the zip code, theoretically denouncing herself from the role of Grande Dame. The details behind Karen's move make all the women question Karen's marital and financial situation, leading them to believe that all may not be flush in the Huger house. Karen is the last to arrive and announces that she has moved, blind to the fact all the women have already been gossiping about her. The women rag on her, chiding her over her title of Grand Dame, which hits Karen's nerve, causing her to blow up at Ashley in front of all the women. 

Were you happy to see Karen and Charisse fix things in this episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac? How did you feel about Robyn taking the first step toward moving on? Was Michael in the right to reduce Ashley's role in the restaurant? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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