What's Old is New Again on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
What's Old is New Again on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
Vicki is relaxing with a day off and a family/work-family boat ride. Can Vicki ever relax, though? She's a workaholic. Also, she's having a bad time because she thinks Donn is being rude. But isn't it also rude to talk about work in front of your family on your day off? And to keep bringing up that Donn is an alcoholic? So much for relaxing family boat day.

Tamra and Eddie are going to Spain. Remember how she brought mace to Alexis's party "as a joke"? Alexis didn't think it was funny. Tamra did. Alexis and Gretchen meet up and discuss how it was probably just Tamra's poor timing. Tamra doesn't have the great comedic timing like Gretchen does (or is convinced she has).

Peggy's getting her boobs done, but it's totally different now that she has kids. But it's important that she gets new boobs because they will help her feel better about herself and help her get over her postpartum. New boobs for everyone! And what do you know, nothing bad happened! Still, to help her feel better, Peggy's husband gets her diamond earrings. Do diamonds help with the swelling? It's a nice way to say, "You did a good job spending all this money, so I wanted to spend more money."

Vicki loves work so much. Donn stopped by with his goofy smile to pick up the puppy, but Vicki is all stressed out and just throws some dog food and a dog bed at Donn. I can't get over how mentally ill Vicki looks in those interviews; she never blinks. Oh, and Vicki spanks Danielle, her employee.

Gretchen is planning her parents' super secret vow renewal weekend. I'm actually impressed with how organized Gretchen is. They rent a Mustang in honor of Gretchen's mom's first car. I hope they take that sign, "I'm Supposed to be White," out of the car window. Next, they go to the church where they got married and Gretchen has pictures and her mom's wedding dress displayed. Then they watch their wedding video in the church. It's really sweet!

Gretchen has learned a lot about love and marriage from her parents, which just further affirms that Slade is ... so not The One.

Eddie is an international business man and he wants to share the world with Tamra. Tamra is just glad Eddie speaks Spanish, for the few times they'll leave the hotel room. Tamra, annoyed with taking pictures for Eddie, tells us, "You can take the girl out of Orange County, but you cannot take the shopping whore outta me!" Eddie dressed up as a matador, they take a picture and kiss some more.

Over lunch, Tamra and Eddie discuss old boobs and new kids. Hey, Eddie, Tamra doesn't want more kids. Store your virile sperm elsewhere. But Tamra wants this trip to go well, so she tells Eddie she'd love to have a little boy with him. Tamra and Eddie just GET each other, just ask Tamra. She knows that they are soul mates.

Alexis stops by Peggy's place to celebrate the new boobs. Alexis tells us that Peggy "doesn't want to be as well-endowed as me." Oh, that word -- endowed. Does it mean anything anymore? Alexis thinks, after seeing Peggy's boobs, that Peggy should have gotten endowed by her doctor.

Gretchen's impressive weekend celebrating marital bliss continues as she unveils the vow renewal dress and tux. Slade takes Gretchen's father aside, thinking that this weekend is Gretchen's way of expressing that she wants another wedding of her own. Gretchen tells us that is not the case at all, that she's doing it because her parents are awesome. I kind of like Gretchen in this episode!

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