What's New With 'The Real Housewives of O.C.'?
What's New With 'The Real Housewives of O.C.'?
Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered this week and everything old is new again. Here's what's new, besides the season, in Orange County:

New Face Line of Handbags: Gretchen
Gretchen is the face of her own handbag line and something is different. I mean, the handbags look a lot like other handbags you might see in Orange County, but maybe like they've had some work done? Particularly in the cheek area?

Gretchennewface.jpgNew Attitude: Tamra
Tamra is embracing all the changes coming with a divorce, and she has started by removing her tattoos. Ouch! But has she really changed or is it just the same old Tamra with a few new tricks up her sleeve?

New-Found Freedom: Alexis
This season Alexis is a little less joined-at-the-hip to her husband. We didn't even see him in the first episode, and what is she going to do with only one nanny? So much freedom, so little time.

Alexisnewfreedom.jpgNew Marital Problems: Vicki
Vicki's problems with Donn might be the same old problems, but this season they'll lead to a new development. Vicki has confirmed that she and Donn split up this season.

Vickinewproblems.jpgNew Housewife: Peggy
We haven't met Peggy yet, but she looks like a tough blonde. The cast page tells us she's friends with Alexis, will develop a friendship with Tamra, and she has a secret!

New Sexual Orientation: Fernanda
It's not new to her, but it's new to the Housewives! Fernanda, listed on the RHOC Bios page, is a recent addition to the gang. She's Tamra's hot, Brazilian, lesbian friend. And she's the only non-blonde.
So, will the Orange County Housewives reach all new highs? Or perhaps all new lows? We can't wait to find out!

(images courtesy of Bravo)