'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Welcome to Bickerville
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Welcome to Bickerville
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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During last week's season 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we met Shannon, a wife and mother who lives in a multi-million dollar green home and believes in all things organic (except Botox and other face fillers, of course). But so far, she's only interacted with Heather. Let's see how she gets along with the rest of the ladies.

Back to Brooks

Vicki, Heather and Tamra are still in Hawaii where they're having dinner. Heather and Tamra gently bring up the Brooks topic, and Vicki reluctantly admits that, yes, they're still together. She says they both have independently been in counseling and that Brooks has cut down on his drinking.

To her face, Tamra says she's willing to give Brooks another chance. But she tells Heather as soon as Vicki leaves the table that she doesn't trust him, but she can't stop Vicki from doing what she wants to do. She says since everyone has been saying from the start that it would never work with Vicki and Brooks, Vicki is even more determined just to prove everyone wrong.

Vicki also admits that things are still not good with Brooks and Briana and they probably never will be. It's just something that she'll have to live with. I almost feel bad for Vicki at this point. She seriously lacks self-awareness.

Back in the O.C., Shannon is bringing her kids to their cotillion class. She admits to growing up privileged, but her husband comes from more of a "blue collar" background. She thinks he's proud that he's able to provide for his family some of the things that he was missing in his childhood. Like cotillion classes, obviously.

Spooky Scary

Tamra and Eddie have been married for about five months now and they're nesting quite nicely. Tamra gave the house a makeover and she gives Eddie honey-do lists that include hanging curtains. Tamra misses her kids when they're at their dad's home since they have split custody. She asks Eddie if he wants to have a child, and he's still not sure yet. If they did decide to expand their family, though, they would have to adopt or use a surrogate since Tamra had her tubes tied.

Vicki comes to Tamra's to do her makeup for the spooky party at Tamra's place. Tamra tells Vicki that Heather's bringing a friend and Vicki complains, saying, "Oh great, a new bitch I have to like." Shannon, on the other hand, is excited to meet new people. The two actually end up hitting it off because they're both Aries and have been married to inattentive husbands.

I have to say, by Real Housewives standards, Tamra's spooky party is kind of a bust. There's probably less than 10 people there and none of them even have as much as a minor disagreement. The best thing about the party is when Vicki asks Heather if the tarot card reader was "Biblical" and not of the devil, and Heather responds, "How should I know? I'm Jewish."

The next day, Shannon asks her kids what they want for dinner over a house line speaker phone. They tell her Chinese noodles, which gives Shannon the idea of throwing a dinner party for her new friends. Her husband agrees, but doesn't want to serve beef because he thinks that would be too heavy of a meal. She yells at him for taking a lemon from the feng shui basket when he knows that there needs to be nine lemons in that basket at all times. The two bicker an awful lot and don't seem as happy as you'd expect for people with that kind of money.

Shannon invites Tamra and Heather to her dinner party when they go out for dinner the next evening. She also tells them that she had jewels put into her teeth by a holistic dentist. Not only that, but it was done for free because her dentist told her that she "saved a nation in her past life." Tamra says what we're all thinking: "That's a whole lot of crazy."

Tamra tells the ladies about her conversation with Eddie, about feeling like a part-time mom and maybe wanting to have kids with him. Heather says that having another baby won't fill the hole that she feels now missing her kids. But Shannon says that she should definitely talk to Eddie more about it. Heather cuts Shannon off, informing her that Tamra is not a communicator. You can see Tamra slowly but surely losing her patience with Heather's constant authoritative tone.

Vicki brings in a counselor to talk to about her relationships with Brooks and Briana. She wants Briana to forgive and accept Brooks, but she knows she never will. The counselor tells her that she's giving Briana too much control over her own happiness, and it's time she starts taking care of herself first.

Bicker Party of Two

Shannon hires a small staff to help her with the dinner party, but she is doing most of the cooking on her own. Her husband, David, is not being very helpful. When he is not being utterly aloof, he's forgetting that he needs to buy eight bottles of wine, not just the two he picked up.

Vicki doesn't like flying solo to these kind of events, and since Brooks isn't exactly welcome among these ladies, she brings her friend Judy. Tamra is impressed that Shannon has a coat check in her house, especially because it's run by her three girls.

Shannon tells her guests that the house is very feng shui because they had crystals buried in the foundation of the house and in the yard. Tamra asks David if he's into that too and he responds with a lukewarm "Sure."

Shannon is having some issues in the kitchen involving under-cooked potatoes that she has to finish in the microwave (yet she doesn't use Wi-Fi because of the radiation?). She and David argue about cutting the meat, and their guests can overhear them which makes things awkward.

They continue to squabble when they're back among their guests. David has a theory that an Aries (Shannon) can never be pleased by a Sagittarius (David). Vicki says looking at them is like looking in a mirror, and if they're arguing like that in front of people, how much worse is it behind closed doors?

Next week, the awkward dinner party continues! 

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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