'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Heather's Big Night, Another Forgotten Fight
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Heather's Big Night, Another Forgotten Fight
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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This week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County belongs to Heather, who tapes her guest appearance on Hot in Cleveland. Also, one of the original housewives returns. Vicki and Tamra bury the hatchet again, sort of. Alexis takes acting lessons. And Gretchen gets a surprise from Slade.

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The Heat is On

Heather is off to Cleveland, or rather ready for her guest-starring role on the show Hot in Cleveland. Heather and Terry have put their marital issues on hold for the duration. All Terry has to do for the time being is be a competent Mr. Mom.

Wedding Rings and Well-Preserved Things

Tamra decides to try and light a fire under Eddie's behind regarding the wedding planning. She meets original OC housewife Lauri, who looks well-preserved, to go shopping for Eddie's wedding ring. Lauri is still happily married to George. Both her daughters are doing well, and Josh is married with a baby on the way. They don't discuss his drug problems, so it appears he has finally cleaned up his act.

The two bring up an interesting facet of Tamra's issues with Vicki. Tamra has voiced concerns about Brooks' character and how upset Vicki has been by any criticism of her on-again/off-again beau. However, Tamra recalls how critical Vicki was of Simon and his treatment of Tamra when the couple were going through their marital strife.

Lauri points out what any fan of the show already knows; Vicki has no problem tearing down others but can't handle the slightest amount of reciprocity. Lauri feels that she had a genuine friendship with Vicki until she met George. Lauri feels that Vicki attempted to sabotage that relationship. It was obvious at the time that Vicki was green with envy at Lauri's good fortune, but I don't recall any talk of her trying to cause problems between the twosome. Lauri just feels that Vicki's actions amount to the old saying, "Misery loves company."

Acting Out

Alexis, who did a painful, but thankfully brief, cameo on General Hospital now has "the itch." She meets with a couple of acting coaches. The men seem less in awe of her talent than her looks. Alexis, who just a few episodes ago was committed solely to the care and feeding of husband Jim and her kids, now has some time to spare and plans to take acting classes. Maybe the experience will teach her how to act less like an annoying pain in the ass.

A Royce is Choice

Gretchen and Slade, who have been dealing with some heavy family issues, take a romantic trip to San Diego to celebrate Gretchen's birthday. As they are leaving, Slade surprises his sweetie with a new car, a Rolls-Royce. I guess being a DJ pays pretty well, or is it his income as the seventh housewife? The grand gesture isn't as over the top as it initially seems. It turns out the Rolls is just a lease and the payments are just a few hundred dollars more than on Gretchen's current car. Gretchen is a bit chafed that Slade didn't discuss it with her, but that doesn't stop her from hopping behind the wheel. Given the couple's lifestyle, the car really isn't a good fit.

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I'm Ready for My Close-Up

Heather's big day arrives, and Terry has gained some ground by being so supportive. The studio audience will be filled with Orange County residents since Heather has invited everybody except Alexis, which really goes without saying.

On the limo ride to L.A., Lydia tells Tamra and Eddie that she is stressed about her mom. She talks about her mom being a stoner like she was raised by a woman who cooked meth instead of oatmeal. I mean, the woman smoked dope. Lydia has really lived a charmed life if she considers her upbringing a truly dysfunctional one. Lydia says it has been a dirty family secret (not anymore) and she just wants it out of her life and her mom's.

Vicki shows up, and it is the first time she and Tamra have seen each other since the wine tasting trip. They do manage to pretty much ignore each other for the duration of the seven-hour taping. Gretchen and Slade appear to be no-shows, which agitates Terry and disappoints Heather. When they finally do show up, they are distracted by technical difficulties with Gretchen's cell phone causing them to almost miss another of Heather's scenes.

Dinner and Just Deserts

After Heather's triumphant return to acting, the whole group heads out for drinks, dinner and adulation. Gretchen brags about Slade's lavish gift, which leaves Tamra speechless. Vicki's take on the situation is that Gretchen is stupid and she should just shut up.

Vicki and Tamra are seated next to each other at dinner, and Lydia questions whether or not they have made up since their argument in Malibu. Vicki says they need to talk, and Tamra humbly apologizes for calling Vicki a bitch. I wonder if she plans to apologize for all the trash talking she did about Vicki with Lauri. We'll have to wait for the reunion for that mea culpa. Tamra misses the pre-Brooks Vicki, the one she used to have fun with. Why Tamra isn't enjoying waxwork Vicki in desperate need of Prozac is beyond me. I think she's a laugh and a half.

Will Lydia's mom stop smoking pot and bake it into brownies instead? Will Vicki and Tamra's latest truce last a full episode? Did Slade sell his body to pay for that car? Tune in next week to find out.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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