'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: A Communication Breakdown and the D-Word
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: A Communication Breakdown and the D-Word
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's Real Housewives of Orange County, all the couples, minus one, head to Malibu for some wine tasting. Terry shares very personal and surprising information about his marriage to Heather with the group. And Vicki and Tamra butt heads over their business.

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Malibu Bound

We got a glimpse of Vicki and Tamra's business venture, "Wines by Wives," last season. This wine club gives customers the chance to try a different wine every month that has been chosen by either Tamra or Vicki. Tamra needs to do some sampling in Malibu, so she decides to invite some of the other girls along (everyone but Alexis) to make it more of a "workcation." Plus, how can there be any fighting or discord if the group isn't together?

The men are also going, which of course is an issue for Vicki. She's not happy about being the odd woman out on a couples trip. Vicki's also not thrilled to be going in general because she's worn out from her exciting and vigorous career selling insurance. Uh, Vicki, it's wine tasting, not rock climbing.

And in Another Part of California...

It's a big weekend for Jim and Alexis as well. They are heading to San Diego for the grand opening of their indoor trampoline park, Sky Zone. It sounds incredibly stupid and lame, but the inside is pretty cool and seems much safer than having one in the backyard.

Whining and Weeping

As the wine-tasting group checks into their hotel, Vicki has a minor meltdown because she has to stay by herself. For someone who, throughout seven previous seasons, has emphasized how independent and self-reliant she is, Vicki is acting like a woman incapable of enjoying life without male companionship. I think she also likes the drama and the attention and the sympathy. By Vicki being teary-eyed about her loneliness, she gets coddled, primarily by Heather and Lydia and their husbands. Gretchen and Tamra aren't buying what Vicki is selling.

Everybody goes out for dinner, and Tamra asks Vicki about her vodka line. Tamra heard about Vicki's other side business from a third party. I thought Vicki was pretty dedicated to the insurance game, but I guess after seven years of being a Real Housewife, she's being pulled by the allure of booze. Vicki sees big money in the vodka business and admits that is where she's focusing her attention. More accurately, she's still pissed at Tamra and doesn't want to play with her former best friend anymore. She may also be feeling threatened by Tamra's burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit. Vicki has always prided herself on being the most financially successful of all the women. Vicki mentions some lucrative distribution plans, and Tamra asks if "their" wine business could possibly piggyback off of those connections. Vicki quickly shoots Tamra down.

Dirty Laundry

Things are still tense between Terry and Heather ever since he took a flippant and less-than-supportive attitude towards both Heather's acting career and her role as a mother and homemaker. They, or Terry, decide to discuss their ongoing issues until Terry even admits that he brought up the word divorce. Of course, this infuriates and embarrasses Heather who, rightfully so, feels this is a private matter between husband and wife.

Wine and Cheese

Everybody heads out for some more wine tasting, but Vicki is distracted and bored, and she acts as if she wants an engraved invitation to be pro-active about the business. Tamra gets heated when she sees Vicki trying on a coat. She pointedly asks Vicki if she wants to taste some wine. Vicki must know she's getting under Tamra's skin. She argues that just because Tamra is consuming more of the product doesn't make her a better business partner; it just makes her drunk. Vicki than decides to excuse herself from the trip entirely, citing a dinner engagement in Los Angeles.

The ladies literally take it outside. Vicki says she's meeting up with friends and she's had these plans for six months. Tamra feels Vicki is disengaged. She also questions if Vicki would behave the same way if the trip was integral to her vodka brand. Each woman accuses the other of "not performing." Vicki walks off, but Tamra tries to get in the last word, and it's "b*tch." Control freak Vicki refuses to let it slide even though Tamra has already headed back inside. She mutters some nonsense about how Tamra has to go somewhere and get happy. This from the woman who mutilated herself with plastic surgery and who has been behaving like a weepy, love-starved mess since the first episode.

Spread Thin

Tamra and Eddie go out for dinner where Tamra get a progress report on the state of the fitness studio. It doesn't look like they are going to open when they originally planned, and Tamra is concerned that the time she is spending getting "Wine by Wives" up and running is affecting her commitment to C.U.T. Fitness. These women often lack common sense. Why are you trying to launch two new businesses at the same time? What is the old saying? "A jack of all trades is a master of none." That's a pretty accurate assessment of what is going on here.

For Someone Who Can't Communicate She Sure Can Talk

Tamra admits that she has difficulty discussing her emotions. She attributes this to how she was raised, that issues were just swept under the rug and nothing was ever resolved. Her solution for solving emotional turmoil is to scream and yell. What's funny about the situation is she is doing the exact thing that she claims she can't do. Tamra sounds ridiculous when she tries to muster up tears as she says that she hurts others to protect herself. I would have much more respect if she wasn't being so transparent. This whole conversation is obviously an attempt to make her diva tantrums more forgivable.

It is a nice change of pace to see a married couple realistically portrayed on a Housewives show. Terry and Heather are dealing with issues that more closely resemble day-to-day life as opposed to a telenovela. Here's hoping they work it out because this is one couple I really like.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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