'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: It's Not a Party Until Somebody Has a Breakdown
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: It's Not a Party Until Somebody Has a Breakdown
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki asks Tamra for a favor that puts their fragile friendship in jeopardy. Heather takes to the airwaves.Tamra regrets a spur of the moment decision. Alexis gives her relationship with the other women another chance. Lydia finds herself in the middle of some serious drama. And the ladies square off in their first fight of the season.

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The Perfect Storm

Vicki starts to test the shaky foundation of her renewed "friendship" with Tamra by asking if she can bring Alexis to Tamra's upcoming dinner party. For some unknown reason that even Tamra can't explain, she gives her blessing for Vicki to bring Alexis as her plus one. So when Alexis comes over for a visit, Vicki springs the invite on Alexis who, despite her mental shortcomings, is cognizant that it isn't a good idea.

Vicki, still broken up about her pretend split from Brooks, plays the "I need a date" card. Alexis is flabbergasted by the invite, even more so when Vicki says that Tamra already said it was okay. When Alexis questions why Tamra would even agree, Vicki says, "Because I said I needed you to come with me." Master manipulator Vicki strikes again. Not wanting to leave her friend in the lurch, Alexis agrees to go.

It turns out that Alexis is supposed to spend that evening with our favorite OC meerkat Lydia, so she asks Vicki to check with Tamra if she can bring Lydia as her guest. Looks like tiny, wide-eyed Lydia is going to get her first taste of an OC wife get together. Vicki texts Tamra, who agrees, but warns against any nonsense. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? All signs point to an enjoyable evening for all.

Radio Killed the Reality Star

It turns out that Slade is not the only housewife with a presence on the radio. Heather filled in at KFI AM 640, a talk radio station, over the summer, and she must have a knack for it because they've called her in to temp again. While Heather has put her acting career secondary to raising her family, she still feels the need to make some room for a career. I don't know, how about starring in a reality TV show? That's always an option.

Heather's topic for this particular broadcast is bullying. She decides to use her platform to differentiate between the type of bullying school children encounter that can lead to dire consequences as opposed to the way Alexis is bandying the word about. Heather is chafed that Alexis is telling whoever will listen (Jim) that she and Tamra and Gretchen bullied her while they were in Costa Rica.


Itty bitty Lydia and her kids have a play date with Alexis and her children. The two women, who have known each other a short time, can't stop singing each other's praises. Lydia thinks Alexis is beautiful, while Alexis states Lydia is a "positive, upbeat, happy person." Oh, and she loves God. I would also guess that Alexis doesn't find this nymph of a girl much of a threat either.

Lydia tells Alexis that she met Heather, not realizing that the two are not friends. Now it turns out that this little kitten Lydia has some claws because she doesn't waste much time before she tells Alexis that Heather told her about Alexis's fake diamond ring. This causes Alexis to launch into a tirade about how nice she thought Heather was when they first met, but as time passed, Heather started throwing digs at Alexis. After reinforcing the petty immaturity of some of the other women, Alexis invites Lydia to Tamra's party. Well, who could resist an invitation like that? Was there any doubt that Lydia would just jump at the chance?

Dining with the Dubrows

Terry and Heather have dinner with Lydia and her husband Doug to further discuss the possibility of featuring the Dubrows' home in their lifestyle magazine. Heather and Terry's hopes of being on the cover are instantly dashed by Doug, who kindly explains that only "household names" get that distinction. Heather is obviously a bit offended, and she tells them that she and Terry are, for now, not going to participate in any capacity. Lydia's response to this news is, "That's awesome."

Lydia again brings up Alexis, and you can see the looks of displeasure, albeit brief, cross Heather and Terry's faces. Lydia breaks the news to Heather that Alexis invited her to Tamra's party. Heather is dumbfounded regarding the circumstances surrounding Alexis' invite to Tamra's event. Heather appears to have reached her limit on the Alexis talk and finally makes it clear to Lydia the status of Heather's relationship, or lack thereof, with Alexis. She tries to warn Lydia that she might not receive the warmest reception from the other women because of her friendship with Alexis.

Second Thoughts

As Tamra gets ready for her dinner party, she confides in Eddie that she's pissed off. After having some time to think about Vicki's request that she be allowed to bring Alexis, Tamra feels Vicki had some malicious intent and that she put Tamra on the spot. Tamra is really regretting saying yes, especially since Gretchen and Heather have questioned her decision. Instead of buyer's remorse, Tamra is suffering from hostess remorse. She also makes it clear that if Alexis so much as brings up the word bully, all hell is going to break loose. She can't throw a table because that's been done already. That doesn't mean Tamra can't find her own signature move.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

At last, Tamra's guests begin to arrive and get their first look at her and Eddie's fitness center. Everyone oohs and aahhhs, but the real focus of the night has become Alexis's attendance and the motives behind it. Heather suggests that Alexis might be using this as an opportunity to smooth things over, but Gretchen argues that could have been done long ago via a phone call. What is ridiculous is that Tamra, Gretchen and Heather are pissed that Alexis accepted an invitation that Tamra herself extended. Poor Alexis actually holds out hope that all is not lost when it comes to these women who, when they were all on good terms, could at best be considered her frenemies.

Vicki, Lydia and Alexis arrive and everybody seems to have chosen their own strategy for coping with the tension. Heather acts like she's going to fake it until she makes it, Gretchen has chosen to completely ignore Alexis, Tamra is physically ill, Alexis tries straightforward and courteous, Lydia realizes she should have stayed home and prayed and Vicki is unreadable. Although something tells me she's feeling a bit vindicated.

Well, it doesn't take long for the hostility to boil over: Gretchen gets irritated at Vicki, Vicki calls Gretchen stupid, Tamra doesn't understand why Alexis came, Alexis doesn't understand why she was invited, Lydia can't believe what she is witnessing, Alexis tosses out a bully accusation. And Heather, Gretchen and Tamra can't contain their amusement. Tamra gives herself props for being gracious. (Really?) Finally, Tamra kicks Alexis to the curb.

It's a relief to have the first throw-down of the season out of the way. I'm sure there are many more to come.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 8pm on Bravo.

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