'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Grandma Vicki Makes Some Changes
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Grandma Vicki Makes Some Changes
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Vicki reveals some shocking physical changes. Tamra and Eddie adjust to co-habitation. Heather throws a party leaving one girl off the guest list. Briana gives birth.

Watch Your Step, Heavy Reconstruction

Vicki, who had planned to sell her house last season, must have worked some financial miracles because not only is she still living there but her daughter Briana and new husband Ryan are moving in. Of course, it is hard to process this information because Vicki's heavily reconstructed face provides a huge distraction. I guess have gorgeous, younger cast mates finally took its toll. As the show opens,Vicki and her assistant Brittany are reorganizing the only original housewife's Coto de Caza McMansion. Due to the turmoil that her relationship with Brooks caused Vicki both with friends but primarily her children, the two are no longer seeing each other. At least he got a nice amount of dental work out of it.

Her Invite Did Not Get Lost in the Mail

Since the last season ended with a party at Heather Dubrow's house, there is a certain symmetry to the fact that she and husband Terry are throwing a clambake. All of the ladies are invited with the exception of Alexis. Heather, never one to pull punches, makes it clear that she and Alexis are not friends and she does not want Alexis in her life. That may be tough given they are filming a television show together. However, rumors of Alexis's more limited camera time could mean the two manage to avoid any face to face confrontation.

We're Not in Bora Bora Anymore

Tamra and her kids have moved in with boy toy/fiancee Eddie. Let's just say that the honeymoon is over. The couple are continuing to move forward with their plans for a fitness studio with Tamra as the primary investor. The two have traded in excessive PDA for bickering over house rules, like not wearing shoes upstairs. Tamra admits to seeing Eddie's controlling side. This isn't exactly good news since ex-husband Simon's control issues were one of the major causes of their divorce, or so we were led to believe. Who knows what was going on off camera. Tamra swears that she will never let a man tell her what to do again.

To Err is Human, To Forgive is Just Not Happening

Gretchen and Tamra meet up for some shopping and receive a phone call from Heather telling them that Briana is in labor. Heather suggests that Tamra shoot Vicki a text which is met with a brief but unmistakable scowl. Tamra says she'll contact Briana instead. It turns out that Tamra and Vicki have not made amends after the infamous "evil eye" incident instigated by Brooks and nasty accusations at the season seven reunion.

It appears Alexis has been frozen out by Tamra and Gretchen as well. Jim and Alexis have entertained the idea of suing Tamra for calling Alexis "Jesus Jugs." Apparently what Alexis took away from the intervention in Costa Rica is that the other women were bullying her. Of course, comparing what happened to her with the day to day verbal and physical abuse suffered by children and teenagers daily is ludicrous. Are the other women mean girls at times, most definitely. But as Gretchen points out, Alexis is a grown woman trying to garner sympathy for herself. It's almost identical to Kelly Bensimon's reasoning at the Real Housewives of New York season three reunion.

The Latest Cast Member Revealed

After 18 hours of labor and an emergency C-section, Briana and Ryan's son Troy is born. It is a touching moment amongst all the vitriol. There is a brief montage chronicling Vicki and Briana's relationship which, with the exception of Vicki's time with Brooks, has always been a close one. One can't help but wonder if becoming a grandmother didn't factor into Vicki's extreme makeover face edition. Even if her proclamations of joy at becoming a grandmother ring false, she does seem genuinely touched at Briana becoming a mother.

Bitch for Hire

Things have changed in Gretchen and Slade's relationship. Slade, who has taken beatings from the other wives and the public in general about his unemployment and lack of child support payments, has a job. He is a radio disc jockey. Even Tamra questions how she'll insult him now that he's working. While Gretchen is excited for him, she misses her "bitch." She claims it has been a big adjustment to go from being together all the time to living less co-dependently. I mean come on, the woman can't even brew herself a cup of coffee. While she may be inept in the kitchen, she claims to be doing very well professionally.

Mr. and Mrs. Juggs

Jim and Alexis, whose perpetual house hopping raised eyebrows last season, have bought a home. Alexis claims to have pulled back from several of her project like TV hosting and fashion designs to focus on her family. What this probably really means is that she stunk at both so she's back to being a housewife. Vicki called Alexis to inquire if she was attending Heather's clambake to which Alexis responded, she wasn't invited. She tells her husband that she hasn't written the women off for good but just for the immediate future. Alexis does regurgitate a definition of bullying that she probably memorized off Wikepedia. She is content to play the victim card for now. On the plus side, she got a very flattering haircut so not all is lost.

Clambake or Clam Fake?

The day of the party arrives and there are jitters all around. Vicki is apprehensive about attending the event alone and what the response might be to her new look. Tamra is uneasy about facing Vicki for the first time in over seven months, and Heather just doesn't want anyone to end up in the new pool involuntarily. Gretchen, Tamra and Eddie arrive first. By the time Vicki rolls in, Tamra is a wreck. She decides she's going take her cue from Vicki's behavior. Vicki warmly greets the hosts but appears as clueless how to handle the awkwardness of the situation as everyone else.

After only the first episode there is no doubt that there are some deep fissures within the group. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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